Gutter Cleaning and Care in the Pacific Northwest

Gutter Cleaning and Care in the Pacific Northwest - Greenwood HardwareIf you have recently spent any time cleaning out your gutters to get ready for the wet weather ahead, you may be looking for a way out of the tedious task. We all know the importance of keeping the gutters clean and in good shape, but we don’t always appreciate the effort it takes or the money it costs to hire a professional to take care of the job for you. Our team at Greenwood Hardware has a few options for you to consider that can cut down on the gutter cleaning work.

Micro Mesh

This is a quick fix that can be attached over the top of a gutter to keep out leaves as well as fine particles. This can prevent clogging from mud as well as large pieces of debris. The mesh is attached by mounting the edges to the gutter. This is one of the most affordable solutions available currently.

Foam Fillers

These are exactly like they sound. The foam V-shaped inserts fit inside the gutter, keeping anything solid out, but allowing rain to flow through the porous material. The rain will flow towards the downspout without anything getting in the way. Some brands will carry warranties, which makes them a great long-term choice. However, the foam can be a bit expensive.

Curved Mesh

This is similar to the micro mesh, but it is a little sturdier. In the Pacific Northwest, it is a smart decision to be ready for those heavy downpours with this sturdy mesh. There are several brands and styles to choose from. Some snap on, others slide over the top, and others you can permanently attach. The cost is comparable to the foam fillers.

Don’t spend the winter and spring months cleaning out your gutters or dealing with broken gutters or overflowing gutters! Install one of these gutter options to make your life a little easier. Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up the supplies you need to fix up your gutters. Come on in, orĀ contact us today.