Decorating for the Holidays in the Pacific Northwest

Decorating for the Holidays in the Pacific Northwest - Greenwood HardwareThe Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to be during the holidays. The abundance of pine trees and other evergreens makes it easy to transform your yard into a winter wonderland with just a few simple additions. If you are the kind of person who likes to go all out on holiday decorating, you will be happy to know you will find just what you need to complete your project at Greenwood Hardware.

You are going to need plenty of extension cords to plug in the lights and other electric décor you plan on putting out. It is important you use the right cords for the job. The round (usually orange) cords are appropriate for outdoors. You will find a variety of lengths available for indoor and outdoor cords, so you don’t have to string more than one cord together.

Have some fun using what is naturally available in the environment. All those pine cones that are laying about can be transformed into beautiful holiday decorations. Pick up a can of glitter spray pain in gold or silver and paint your pine cones. Create a beautiful centerpiece with your glitter cones.

Grab a handsaw and cut off a branch from an evergreen or pine tree. Use the greenery and some wire to make your own wreath. Decorate with pine cones or pretty ornaments you either make or buy.

Don’t toss the twigs lying about in the yard! Grab them, spray paint them red and add a layer of glitter paint over the top and arrange them in a vase. Add some green, gold and silver sticks as well for a very festive centerpiece.

If space is an issue in your home and you can’t quite find the room to put up a tree, make a tree on the wall with some willow branches. It’s a great time to do some pruning. Use the twigs to make a ladder of sorts in a triangle shape. Use some twine to connect the corners and nails to hang the branches. Add some lights, garland and a few ornaments, and you have a gorgeous tree without losing any space!

When you head to Greenwood Hardware to pick up your paint, wire and extension cords, don’t forget to get wire cutters. Spend some time browsing and let your imagination wander! You are sure to come up with more creative ways to make your home festive, inside and out. Come on in, or contact us today.