How to Create a Welcome Retreat in Your Own Backyard

How to Create a Welcome Retreat in Your Own Backyard - Greenwood HardwareSummer is here, and it is the time we wait for all winter! It is time to get outside and enjoy nature. Sometimes, your neighborhood can be a little busy, especially on the weekends. You may be prepared to kick back with a good book and your favorite drink only to find it is a little too busy for you to truly relax. You can help create a peaceful retreat in your backyard to give you that rest and relaxation you need. Our team at Greenwood Hardware would like to help you build your perfect retreat.

Build or Buy a Gazebo

A gazebo kit is a perfect way to create a space that is separate from your backyard. You can decorate with plants, flowers, lights and anything else that helps you get into that Zen mode. If you don’t want to buy a kit, there are plenty of free building plans to be found on the internet. You can build your own fairly easily.

Create a Foliage Wall

Plant thick shrubs in a square or just create a wall that will provide a bit of a sound barrier as well as some privacy. You can use climbing roses, morning glory plants or a row of sunflowers as well. Use a combination of shrubs and flowers to add color as well as create a defined space that will be your place to relax. Sometimes, it is just a little mind over matter. You need to feel as if you are separated from the chaos on the other side of your foliage wall, even if you can still hear it.

Pavers and Bricks

Adding pavers to create a path to your retreat is one way to help set it apart from the rest of your backyard. You can create a “wall” with decorative bricks around your retreat. Creating a patio in your retreat complete with your favorite chair and table is another idea. This designates that one area as a place for you to relax.

Hang Lights

If you plan on enjoying your retreat in the evening, you will want to have some light. Soft lighting is perfect for providing enough light for you to see, without being so bright it detracts from the natural beauty of a summer evening. Candles, lanterns and fun party lights hanging from your gazebo, pergola or strung between two trees is another way to add some character to the area.

Your backyard is your place to unwind and relax. Creating a space that promotes that is simple. This weekend, head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up everything you need to create your place of tranquility right in your backyard. Come on in, or contact us today.