Fun Outdoor Lighting Projects for your Seattle Home

Fun Outdoor Lighting Projects for your Seattle Home - Greenwood HardwareOutdoor lighting is a must, but the standard solar lights in the ground can be a little mundane. If you want to add a unique flair to your front pathway or your deck area, here are some fun ideas. Our team at Greenwood Hardware can help you find exactly what you need to dress up your outdoor area with lights that will carry on through the end of summer and into the brisk fall season.

Screen Lights

These are super easy light projects that are unique and look great in the day or at night. You will want some quart size Mason jars, screening material from your hardware store, scissors and small LED battery-powered candles. A bit of glue would also be helpful. Some pretty ribbon or string will be needed as well.

Cut your screen into squares that are large enough to wrap around your jars with extra length sticking up on top. Glue your candles into the inside center of the jar. Wrap the screen around your jar, making sure the bottom is flat, so the jar can stand alone. Tie the string or ribbon around the head of the jar to secure it.

Coffee Can Lights

Don’t throw away those old coffee cans! Ask your neighbors and friends if you can have their old Maxwell cans and transform them into pretty garden lights. You can also use soup cans. You will need the cans, a variety of spray paint colors, a hammer and nail and some LED candle lights. Wire can be used to hang the lights if desired.

Remove any paper labels from your cans and wash inside and out. Use the hammer and nail to drive holes into the can. You can use cookie cutters to make pretty shapes or free hand it and make your own design. Spray the can with your chosen color of paint. Place the candle inside the can, and you have a pretty garden light.

Log Lights

Grab some of those solar lights you stick in the ground and a couple of logs from the stack of firewood. You can add some pretty ribbon, old rope or any other accessories to decorate your logs to give them added character. A good, strong glue is needed to adhere the base of the lamp to the log.

Attach the top portion of the solar light to the top of your log. Decorate the log and stand it on your deck or front way. Several logs in varying heights placed together is a beautiful arrangement that will serve as decoration and lighting.

Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up the paint and other supplies you need to add your own creative touch to your outdoor lighting. Stop on in, orĀ contact us today!