How to Build a Wood Storage Rack for Your Backyard Fire Pit

How to Build a Wood Storage Rack for Your Backyard Fire Pit - Greenwood HardwareIt is that time of year when families gather around a small fire in the backyard. It is a fantastic way to unwind while hanging out with the people you love the most. A fire provides warmth as well as a focal point. Whether you are roasting marshmallows or making smores, you are going to need wood for your fire. You can build your very own wood holder to keep things neat and tidy and easily accessible. Our folks at Greenwood Hardware can help you gather the supplies you will need for your holder.


  • Seven 2×2 wood pieces approximately 36 inches long
  • Saw
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Wood stain


You can choose to adjust the wood lengths to a size that is more suitable for your needs.

Cut one of the long pieces into 12-inch lengths. Cut two of the long pieces of wood in half.

Place two 18-inch lengths parallel to each other on the ground, 12 inches apart. Use screws to place one of the 12-inch pieces between the 18-inch pieces in the middle of the lengths. This should resemble an H.

Next, you will want to attach the long pieces at each corner of your H. They will be standing straight up.

Place one of the 12-inch pieces between the two of the leg pieces that are standing up. Do this on each side.

Attach the two remaining 18-inch pieces of wood at the top of the legs, just like the bottom frame. This will give your wood rack some stability.

Stain your wood holder and allow to dry.

Load your wood, and you have a wonderful way to keep your firewood handy and tidy! You will find the tools you need to build your wood holder at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, orĀ contact us today.