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Furnace Repair and HVAC services

I was on a service call last week and one of my tool boxes got left at the base. I was in a pinch for a couple tools I needed. I went to Greenwood Hardware and they were real helpful and had everything I needed for the job.
I've been here a few times before, but I really appreciate the small independent hardware stores like this with people that take pride in their job.


Kitchen pipes repair

Last night the pipes under our sink (which had been leaking for a while) gave way and broke. This morning I did a little research and decided I could take this project on myself. I had never done anything like this before, but I knew the staff at Greenwood Hardware would help me out. And I was right! It took me several hours, and four trips to the store, but I did it! Joe helped me every time, and I could not have done it with him. Thanks so much!

Kari Hanson

I love Greenwood Hardware

There's a reason for GH's good reputation and I just found another. I hired them to install a new water heater. My house is old and the space is small and funky. Scott Love did a great job. I will recommend GH to all my friends.

Niki Lonski

I live in a duplex on the 1st of Oct 2014 my landlord replaced both Hot water Tanks in his unit and mine. My installer his name was Mark did a very nice job,of not making a mess and the tank has not leaked. I don’t know the installers name that installed my Landlords tank he also did a nice job.Thank you True Value for having service people that know what they doing,you don’t seem to find that in service people anymore. My Landlord doesn’t have a computer so this is why I am writing this.

Anic King

Water heater installation

On December 22nd 2015 Scott Rose arrived on time to install gas water heater. He was very knowledgeable & very professional. Scott connected all plumbing & gas and also attached earthquake straps. It took him 2 1/2 hours to complete the job. Other companies said it would take two people 4 hours and the cost would have been 40% higher. This is a very good company.
I will definitely call Greenwood Hardware in the future. They are the best!!!

David Shinder

Handy AND very helpful hardware store. Just like everyone else indicated, their selection is small and if you want to buy a bunch of stuff, prices are better at the biggies but if you need something quickly without schlepping all the way to the warehouse places.

In fact, _THE_ best feature of this place is their helpful staff, I even got a referal for an electrician from these guys that worked out very well.

Dan P.

Great little Hardware store, with friendly helpful and knowadgable staff. They have a good selection of handy tools and supplies for little fixes around the house and garden. Support your local hardware store, and get some good advice too.

James F.

Great people, good service!

Blake G.

Love the kitchen section. Bought the best broom ever. Always closer than Lowes, or Home Depot, and you can find help when you need it. Thanks Mike!

Tara B.

Greenwood Hardware is a fantastic little store. Sure, their selection isn't as large as the big boxes on Aurora, and they don't carry lumber (they're not a lumber yard) but chances are they'll have anything you need for a quick honey-do fix it job to a weekend warrior remodel project. Plus, they're dog-friendly and even invite you to bring your pooch in the store with you.

Apart from the electrical, plumbing, painting, tools, screens, keys, and other miscellaneous hardware we've acquired there, they are the only shop in town we found that carries hangers for picture rail - both big boxes have discontinued carrying that particular item. Every time I go, a little part of me expects them to not carry (or be out of) something I need, but they've always come through. They also offer a large selection of environmentally friendly options, including cleaning products, paints, and lawn and garden products.

The store itself is easy to navigate and well organized, and the staff have always been helpful, friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable. I've gotten advice from "experts" at Home Depot that would have started a fire in my house, whereas everyone I've worked with at GTV has been thorough and confident about their advice, and on the rare occasion that they weren't, they asked another associate rather than taking their best, but possibly wrong, guess. And for jobs that are beyond your capabilities, they are happy to refer trusted contractors and service providers.

Plus, as part of their regular seasonal rotation, they carry a selection of sleds and shovels for those two days every year you actually need them in Seattle. In all, it's a great neighborhood business that's been serving the neighborhood for 60 years.

Erik M.

awesome! always helpful and friendly.

Buck H.

Screw the big box stores, this True Value has the friendliest, most helpful staff around, and a decent selection of hardware.

Jason F.

I literally don't know what I would do without this place. It is such a nice alternative to the big box stores. The staff is super friendly and helpful and they have a surprisingly good stock of basic items. Love it!

Lara S.

Greenwood Hardware is simple, quick and has very friendly helpful staff. Instead of a long to trip to FM, one can buzz by here and be in and out.

Of course, if you are a browser, then you might browse in the hardware section- most of the store. Have fun everyone!

Cathy G.

I drive out of my way to come to this store. The staff are very welcoming. They have an amazing selection for such a small store. Today I bought organic seeds and soil, a couple of bird feeders (including sustainable bamboo) and bird seed, some starter pots.

They answer all your questions BIG and small. They try to get to know you and what type of person you are so that they can help answer your questions.

I appreciate this sort of old fashioned approach. They are earnestly interested in helping you... it is not fake at all.

The parking lot is small but I've not had a problem with parking yet.

For a True Value Hardware store... this is as good as it gets!

Laura B.

This has been one of my all-time favorite hardware stores in Seattle for 20 years. They have everything!

They're friendly and helpful, and can offer advice on how to accomplish most of the household tasks we neophytes don't know how to do.


Z. E.

Greenwood Hardware is pretty darn amazing.

They store is dog-friendly, and the staff all seem to love dogs. Usually, one or two employees will stop and chat with me while they give my dog treats or pet him. They really know how to make me feel right at home.

The staff know their stuff. I've never seen this level of competence in a Home Depot or Lowe's. I had a problem with a missing roller for my closet door, and the employee not only led me to the aisle to find the parts I needed, but also found them for me and explained (slowly and clearly) exactly how to make my closet work the way I want it to. I went home, and I did exactly what they said and (voila!) it worked perfectly.

The selection of hardware and tools is really great for such a tiny place. Need a hand saw to cut metal? They have 6 kinds. Need a drill bit? I dare you to choose just one.

Also, I know this is a little off the wall, but this is the ONLY place in Seattle where I've seen a foaming soap dispenser. I've been searching other stores (Target, World Market, etc) high and low for one of these. I figured that since these stores have entire DEPARTMENTS devoted to bath gadgets, they might have what I was looking for. I was about to go my typical route and just buy it online; however, I found one the first day I walked into GTV- and it's even in brushed stainless. Tres bien.

Kristen R.

Recently my business has moved across the street from Greenwood Hardware, which has made me appreciate them more than ever! I've lived in the neighborhood since '91 and have received the problem solving assistance of Marty on too many occasions to count!

This morning though started my day off SOOOO right, I just knew I needed to glow about it somewhere. I should have asked the woman's name who helped me because she solved my problem so quickly and effortlessly and gave me a solution I would never have been able to come up with on my own. Didn't cost much and NOW my business has some beautiful new signs hanging in the windows.

As I said to her when I was leaving, "Things are always so good at Greenwood Hardware!" Thank you Mike, Marty, lovely woman who helped me this morning, and all of the rest of the hardware staff! Feels good to live and work in the same neighborhood as you.

Emily L.

Great neighborhood hardware store. The staff is very helpful. They have great green options, and returns are easy! Their rewards program is also pretty good.

Erica R.

Personable service, help and advice with projects, good prices, and a wide selection of traditional hardware and home products. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Jackson R.

Nothing to complain about here - the staff are SUPER friendly and helpful, they have a great stock of supplies and it's right down the street. It's a great local hardware store. While I'll still go somewhere a bit larger for tools and big items, I prefer our local TrueValue for everyday things. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

Cory D.

Extremely helpful. Feels like you've stepped back into the 1950s from a customer service perspective (and that is a GREAT thing). This place is a center of gravity for the neighborhood

Justin F.

They care. Parking. Support and buy from this store!!! (Did I mention that they care about what they are doing?)

Daria M.

Great, helpful staff, with a lot of merchandise. I love this store and have been in there countless times for hardware, tools, electrical parts, paint, gardening supplies and on and on. My wife and I even bought a water heater from them, and the service and install was great.

Paul K.

Phinney/Greenwood is so lucky to have this so close. It's the old-timey neighborhood store in techie Seattle. Granted the don't have the 1,000s of items the big box hardware store, but they have the things you hate to jump in your car to drive to procure. I've tried to stop an employee from spend 15 minutes to find the 75 cent washer I needed. They don't care how much you spend, still going to give you great customer service. Did you know they cut glass too? Took me years to notice that. I also found a great plumber they recommended and have been using him for years.

I encourage everyone when they are on their way to the big orange store to swing by this True Value and leave your money at a business that really deserves it!

Kim M.

This is a small space but they have an amazing selection for the size and are very willing to order. Staff know what they are talking about and very friendly and helpful. So nice not to have to go to a big box store.

Jamie C.

I use Greenwood Ace Hardware for all my plumbing needs at three locations - two rentals and my home. Recently they completed the third job replacing a hot water heater, this time a "low-boy" that involved some cabinetry removal and replacement. I can definitely say that Greenwood Ace is friendly, accommodating, creative (a quality that is really necessary to work with hot water heaters) and helpful. The installer that performed the most recent job actually made suggestions that saved me money. The installation was certainly on the more challenging end and I never sensed frustration or irritation that I was watching over his shoulder and at times helping out. In fact, he not only welcomed my involvement but actually suggested that I made saws-all cuts to remove cabinetry since he didn't want to be responsible for a poor cut (and I didn't want him to be, either). The job took slightly longer than normal but I didn't get charged extra. He put the effort in to make sure that residue was cleaned up on the nice tile floor as well as any other mess.

I will definitely continue to use Greenwood Ace Hardware to do any hot water heater work I need done.

Paul R.

I LOVE these guys.

It's a case study in supporting local business. A little pricier than Home Depot? Maybe (and honestly, not by much...seriously). But these guys know their stuff and they can really help you out. No wasting time searching for someone to answer a question. And here's the kicker: they just help you out for free!

Example: I was replacing a faucet in my bathroom and needed a basin wrench, which is something you have 1) if you're a plumber or 2) if you're someone who replaced a sink once, had to buy the tool, and never used it again. And it's like $15-25. I inquired about a rental (I'd heard a rumor) and the woman at the counter reached under, grabbed a basin wrench from a toolbox, and asked me how long the job would take and what my phone number was in case I didn't come back. I inquired as to the rental cost and she just stared at me, confused. How much per hour? Stare. "You just take it," she said after the figured out what I was babbling about "and bring it back when you're done. No charge."

THAT'S a neighborhood business! Customer for life.

Bryan R.

These guys are the best and really go out of their way to help you out. The one guy, Shawn, i think? (i don't really remember his name but he had shaved red hair) is constantly going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure i get what i need for the cheapest price possible. He once even went out on the street and helped me remove a bum nut from my motorcycle. never let down. keep it up guys.

Duck B.

Their selection isn't like Home Depot, but the employees are always available, always knowledgable and helpful.

I'm a big fan and shop here when ever possible.

Ian S.

Seattle has great hardware stores and this place is a great example. Unlike the big biz stores, they cater to the needs of the neighborhood. This means a large assortment of Eco-friendly products such pest and weed sprays and push mowers (that work great!) they also have a nice assortment of kitchen supplies and a reasonably well stocked fastener aisle (though not nearly as vast as Stone Way!)

Chris L.

I stopped in at Ace today to chat with them about a flapper for my toilet. The gal who works there listed to my whole big story on how I changed my flapper myself and blah blah blah (I'm sure I bored the heck out of her) but she was nice enough to listed and frankly thats all I really wanted was someone to listen.

J. G.

I am not handy.

I don't know how many tool types there are - there are things you use to hit other things with, things that you use to torture other things with - but I have needed a variety of things from light bulbs to a water heater, and these guys have always (EVERY SINGLE TIME) been there for me.

In over twenty years, I've never had to return anything because they sold me the wrong thing, and I know that if they had, they'd be crazy apologetic and all.

The service is so good that I always leave wishing I could be a tool-using sort and come back more often. I'm not, but if you are - take my place: go there more often! You'll be much happier than when you go to Big Box-O-Rama.

Mack M.

First time in and these guys and gals were awesome. Super friendly. Super helpful. Even gave my dog a treat (: (that's always a plus). I'll definitely shop here again.

L. B.

LOVE having this place in the neighborhood! Friendly!!!! Helpful!!!!! and always ready with a treat for my furry friend. Refreshing after a recent unpleasant experience else where. Thanks guys.

Rachel H.

Staff is knowledgable and prompt to ask for assistance is required. Not too much more I could ask from a neighborhood hardware store.

Joshua B.

John was very helpful in getting my water heater thermostat(s) replaced. He diagnosed the problem over the phone and finished the job quickly and efficiently when he arrived. I'm probably due for a new water heater within 1-2 years and will contact them for the replacement because of this experience.

Mark E.

Employee commendation

I wanted to commend Raul on his friendly and knowledgable service. His sense of humor is also a bright spot in my day whenever I come in. Thanks to the whole crew for a fantastic neighborhood hardware store!

Luke Morton
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