New Year, New Goals for You in The Pacific Northwest

New Year, New Goals for You in The Pacific NorthwestWith Christmas wrapped up and the New Year almost here, before you know it we will be ringing in 2016. Each new year brings a sense of renewal. A time to start over and do better! Many of us set goals and resolutions to eat better, exercise more or be a better person in general. Those are excellent goals, but sometimes you need a little help achieving them. At Greenwood Hardware, you will find the tools you need to help you meet those goals and feel better about making a positive change.

Losing the Holiday Pounds

If you are making it your goal to shed a few pounds this upcoming year, you need to be able to measure your progress. A scale will help you do just that.

Recycling More

While it is already a law you recycle, you can help keep things a little tidier by having attractive waste, recycle and compost bins that are easy for you and your family to use. No more digging things out when you can use color-coded cans to keep things straight.

Home Updates

If you have been thinking about giving the living room a new look with a coat of paint or finally redoing your child’s room to something a little more mature, now is the time. Winter hours are great for taking care of those projects inside the house that often get pushed to the back burner.

Organize that Closet

We all have that one area in the home that seems to catch all the stuff that doesn’t have a place. Now is the time to start clearing out the clutter. You will be amazed at how freeing it is to get rid of things you don’t need while organizing your space. Imagine opening the closet or that drawer and finding exactly what you need without rummaging.

Eating Better

If you have made it a goal to eat better, one way to do that is cooking at home. Cooking stews, soups and even preserving that fall harvest is one way to go about healthy eating. Home canning will help save you money while allowing you to eat better.

Whether your goals are improving your or improving your home, you will find the tools and supplies you need to accomplish those goals at Greenwood Hardware. It’s a new year, and you have the chance to make it count! Come on in, or contact us today.


Holiday Ornament Supplies at Greenwood Hardware, Your Local Hardware Store

Holiday Ornament Supplies at Greenwood Hardware, Your Local Hardware StoreMaking ornaments for the Christmas tree every year is a tradition in many homes. There are plenty of blank wood kits and various plastic and ceramic supplies to choose from. But, what if you wanted to be a little different? Unique ornaments made from items you pick up at your local hardware store are perfect to use on your tree or to give as gifts to that person in your life who spends a lot of time shopping at hardware stores like Greenwood Hardware.

Check out some of these fun decorating ideas!

Snowflakes Out of Hex Nuts

Create a snowflake pattern on paper. Fill the pattern with hex nuts. Glue each of the nuts together with superglue or a strong glue you will find at your hardware store. Allow the glue to dry overnight. Run a pretty ribbon through one of the nuts and hang on your tree or in a window. For even more sparkle, spray some glitter paint over the ornament when you are finished!

Memory Photo Ornaments

Grab a couple of wall plates for rocker switches. These are the light switches that are about an inch or two wide, or some may be used for dimmer switches. Paint the wall plate a pretty color. Pick the perfect photo to display in the wall plate. Add glue around the edges of the front of the photo and press into the back of the wall plate so you can see the picture through the opening. Use super glue to attach a pretty ribbon to the back of the plate. Cut a piece of construction paper to cover the back of the ornament and glue on.

Wire Trees

Wire comes in many colors, which is great for making trees! Cut a piece of plastic-coated wire in your desired color about 12 inches long. Use your fingers to make circles in the wire starting at the bottom. Make the circles smaller as you work your way to the end, creating a tree. Use ribbon to hang your wire trees. Add a dash of glitter paint to make the tree sparkle.

These are fun crafts you can do with the kids when school gets out for the holidays. They are inexpensive, unique and will be treasured for years to come. Head into Greenwood Hardware and let your creativity flow as you imagine all of the crafts you can create with hardware items! Come on in, or contact us today.

Practice Good Christmas Tree Safety in Seattle

Practice Good Christmas Tree Safety in SeattleThe holidays are a fun time of year where you get to bring a bit of the outdoors inside to help make the house festive. Live Christmas trees are a tradition for many families. Whether it is because they love the smell, prefer the authenticity or simply enjoy the process of picking the perfect tree every year, a real tree is a treat for many families. However, a real tree has some special considerations that must be addressed and the team at Greenwood Hardware can help you with that.

Keep it Wet

A dry Christmas tree isn’t only unsightly; it is a major fire hazard! Make sure you fill the bowl under the tree on a daily basis or at least check it daily. Your tree may drink one to two gallons a day in the first week or so. You don’t need to add anything to the water; just fresh water is all that is needed. Giving the bottom a fresh cut before you add it to the tree stand is ideal. A sharp saw is all that is needed to cut the bottom half inch or so.

Avoid Heat

While a tree next to the fireplace makes a pretty picture, it isn’t a good idea. Do what you can to position your tree away from your fireplace, wood stove or the heater vent. You don’t want to dry it out any quicker.


Ideally, LED lights are the best. They produce less heat than the standard lights and pose less of a fire risk. They are also much cheaper to run than the other lights. Only have the lights on when you are home and keep a close watch on the tree. Never leave the lights on overnight.

Extension Cords

If you need to use an extension cord, make sure you place it out of the way of foot traffic. You don’t want it being walked on and run the risk of it breaking down and becoming a fire hazard. Don’t overload your extension cord. Use a couple of cords and run them to different outlets to keep from overloading a circuit.

Your holidays are meant to be a time of joy. Make sure you are keeping your home and family safe by following these safety tips. You can find the tools you need, like a saw and extension cords, at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, or contact us today. You may just find some gifts for the family while you are there!

Greenwood Hardware’s Earthquake Readiness Series: Part 1 – Readying Your Home

Greenwood Hardware’s Earthquake Readiness Series: Part 1- Readying Your HomeAlthough the Pacific Northwest is not necessarily prone to a lot of earthquakes, they can strike almost anywhere at any time and according to some, we’re overdue for a big one! There have been a few in recent decades that have served as reminders of the possibility that a much stronger earthquake could happen. The Northwest is not immune to the hiccups and changes of the earth. The Cascadia fault line is the one that could cause a sizable quake in the northwest. Our team at Greenwood Hardware wants their customers to stay safe and do what they can to prepare for an earthquake—just in case.

This post is the first in a 3-part series covering earthquake preparedness.

Readying your home in case of a quake is your first step. These are the things you need to do today.

Secure Furniture

Secure bookshelves, china hutches and other large pieces of furniture to the wall with brackets. The brackets are drilled into a stud in the wall or use a sheetrock anchor if that isn’t possible. This can prevent the heavy furniture from toppling on top of you during even a minor quake.

Find and Label Shut-offs

Find the main gas line shut off, water main and the main electric breaker to your home. Label these items. For your gas main, you may need a special wrench to turn it off. Attach a wrench to a chain and hang it by the valve.

Come Up with Emergency Plan

Sit down with your family and talk about what you will do should an earthquake strike. Give the family instructions on a meeting place should you not be home. Talk about places to take cover and how to drop, cover and hold.

Brace Light Fixtures

Make sure your light fixtures, including chandeliers and ceiling fans, are secure. They should be well-mounted to reduce the risk they will fall to the ground during an earthquake.

Bed Safety

Remove any mirrors, heavy pictures and other wall décor from walls above your bed. Pictures and wall décor will fall off with even a small earthquake. You don’t want those things to become lethal weapons should they fall on you while you are in bed.

These simple tasks could save you and your family from serious injury in the event of an earthquake. You will find the brackets and tools needed to help make your home a little safer at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, or contact us today.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss the supplies you should have on hand to prepare for an earthquake.

5 Ways to Prepare for Power Outages in the Pacific Northwest

5 Ways to Prepare for Power Outages in the Pacific NorthwestWith winter storms already hammering the Seattle area, it is time to start thinking about riding out the next power outage. If you are in a rural area, you are going to be at a higher risk of losing power the next time a strong wind storm blows in. There are a few things you can do today that will help make that power outage a little easier to deal with. You will find what you need at Greenwood Hardware.

  1. Flashlights and batteries are a must. When you are buying extra batteries, keep in mind you will probably only get eight steady hours out of your standard batteries. If you are preparing to ride out a power outage that may last a couple of days, keep this in mind. It is a good idea to buy the LED flashlights that require less battery power to run and will last you much longer. Buy a flashlight for every member in the house. This way everybody can have their own to move about with.
  2. Battery-powered or solar lanterns are great for lighting up an entire room. This will save on your flashlight usage.
  3. Candles and matches are a must if you are not going to have a lantern. It isn’t feasible to leave a flashlight with its limited light on for hours on end. A few candles will provide plenty of light in a room. Make sure you have candle holders as well. Emergency candles are best and will provide the more light than a candle in a jar.
  4. A miniature solar panel for your cell phone or tablet is very inexpensive and will come in handy. The panels are powerful enough to recharge your phone battery and run small electronics.
  5. Get some board games and cards stashed away. Boredom is a big issue. We are so used to all of our technology it is a bit of a culture shock to have to live without it for several hours. It will save your sanity if you have a way to keep the kids busy. Crayons, coloring books, and puzzles are also good to have on hand.

Power outages can be kind of fun (as long as everyone is safe!), but they are so much better when you are ready for them. Put all of your supplies in one place like a Rubbermaid tote stored in the closet. This way, when the power goes out, any member of the family knows right where to go to get everything they need. Head into Greenwood Hardware today to stock up on what your family needs for the next power outage. Come on in, or contact us today.