5 Makeover Tips for your Seattle Garage

5 Makeover Tips for your Seattle Garage - Greenwood Hardware

With the cooler weather upon us, it is time to focus our attention on the indoors. One area of the house that may have been ignored throughout the spring and summer was the garage. Your garage may be in need of a makeover! If you avoid opening the door to the street because you are embarrassed by the clutter or you walk into the garage and spend 30 minutes looking for that one thing, you are probably in need of a garage makeover. The following tips will help you transform your cluttered garage into a workable space you can be proud of. You will find all the tools you need to do your garage makeover at Greenwood Hardware.

1. Peg boards are great for hanging tools like hammers, wrenches and pliers. They are in plain view and make it easy to grab what you need and go. You can help the whole family remember where the tools belong by painting outlines of the tools in the area where they should be hanging. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the tool and then pick a fun color of paint to fill it in. You will know right where to place your tools after use.

2. Place hooks along one wall to hang things like your yard tools, ladder, ropes and even your bikes. Hanging the items keeps the center of your garage free of clutter and makes it easy to find what you need without wading through boxes of stuff.

3. Organize your garage into sections. Keep outdoor toys in one area, yard maintenance items in another and your holiday decorations in another. If you like the idea of keeping your garage fun and whimsical, create signs to hang on the perspective walls so everybody knows right where to look.

4. Use the ceiling! How much wasted space is above your head? Hooks can be used to hang items or overhead racks are also an option. Use the ceiling space to store items you rarely need or that can be easily grabbed, like a bike off a hook. If you have exposed beams in your garage, skis, ladders and other items can be put through the beams and laid across.

5. Invest in sturdy shelves to store boxes and rubber totes. Label your totes and group like items together. Take advantage of the space under the shelves as well. Hang items from the sides of the shelf or hang pegboards.

Your garage is an excellent space to store items as well as work on your favorite hobby. Your first step in your garage makeover is going to be removing some of the clutter. Plan a day with the whole family helping to clean out the garage so you can transform it into a usable space. Once you have determined what you need, head on down to Greenwood Hardware to pick up all the supplies you need to makeover your garage. If you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

10 Easy Tasks to Winterize Your Pacific Northwest Home

10 Easy Tasks to Winterize Your Pacific Northwest Home - Greenwood Hardware

We were fortunate to have a nice, extended summer here in the Pacific Northwest, but over the next few weeks, fall will definitely be in full swing. With the long summer and short fall, it leaves only a little time to get your home prepared for winter. The cold weather will be here before you know it (and the rain is already here)! You will need to take care of some winter-proofing around your home. You will find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware to get the job done. Failure to properly winterize your home can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs not to mention the frustration of dealing with high heating bills. Argh! We have a better solution – print off our handy checklist below and tackle the job now, before the winter season is upon us!

1. If you use wood heat, you need to clean your chimney and inspect it for any damages that could cause a fire. You can also hire a service to take care of this task if you are not comfortable doing so. It is a fairly simple task that involves sticking a long brush down the length of the chimney.

2. Take care of any gaps around your windows and doors. You can buy self-sticking insulation strips that will seal the area or use caulking. Both are very easy fixes and fairly inexpensive.

3. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, please consider buying one. If you use gas heat, these are important safety devices that will ensure your family is not exposed to toxic levels of carbon monoxide caused by a plugged flue or gas leak.

4. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Space heaters and wood stoves are some of the main causes of home fires. You want to make sure your detectors are in good working order this winter when space heaters and wood stoves are going to be used often.

5. Fall is a great time to flush your water heater. This will help extend the life of the water heater and make it more energy efficient. When it is cold out, hot showers are going to be in high demand!

6. Switch your ceiling fan to spin clockwise, which will force the hot air that rises to the ceiling back down into your living space.

7. Replace the filters in your furnace. This will make the furnace more energy efficient and prevent breakdowns in the middle of a cold snap.

8. Purchase draft guards for doors that lead to the outdoors. These help block out those cold breezes that waft in from under the door.

9. Consider adding a layer of insulation to your attic and crawl space. This can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

10. If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, buy a chimney balloon that will stop cold drafts from coming down the chimney and chilling your room.

These jobs are quick and easy, but can save you a lot of money on your heating bill. You will appreciate the warmth of your home without overworking your furnace. Head into Greenwood Hardware today to pick up the supplies you need to prepare your home for winter! If you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

Did You Know That Greenwood Hardware Installs Hot Water Heaters?

Did You Know That Greenwood Hardware Installs Hot Water Heaters?

You never know how much you appreciate your hot water heater until it goes out. Often, when a water heater stops working, your first clue is a flooded room. That is when you make the frantic call for a water heater replacement. Greenwood Hardware knows how important hot water is to you and your family and can help you get up and running again. The team has been installing water heaters for over 35 years and can usually get your water heater installed within 24 hours of you purchasing a new one. When you are living without hot water, every hour counts!

You can save yourself from flooded floors and a complete lack of hot water by being proactive. Check out the following tips that can help you prevent a hot water outage in your home.

Know the Signs of a Failing Water Heater

It is rare your water heater will just decide to quit working completely out of the blue. There are usually some warning signs to let you know that the heater’s life is coming to an end. Be aware and have the water heater replaced before it goes out completely.

  • Noisy, rumbling, bubbling sounds coming from heater
  • Rusty water when faucet is turned on
  • Build up of condensation around the water heater
  • Water isn’t as hot as normal

Life Expectancy Date

When the water heater was installed, there was probably a date written or stamped on the top of the tank. Water heaters have a projected life expectancy, similar to that of a car battery. On average, a water heater will last about 8 to 10 years. This number is based on several factors. Regular maintenance, quality of the water heater and the type of water you have. Hard water will lead to a lot of mineral deposits in the bottom of the tank, which will shorten the lifespan.

You can extend the life of your water heater by having regular maintenance on it. This ensures you are getting the most out of your investment. Many quality water heaters are sold with warranties. Make sure you keep the paperwork when your new water heater is installed so you can follow the guidelines outlined in the warranty section.

The team at Greenwood Hardware can take care of your regular maintenance or replace your old water heater. Ideally, you want to replace the equipment before it fails. The installers will take care of the removal of your old water heater while you return to your normally scheduled life—hot water and all! If you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Seattle Yard For Winter

10 Ways to Prepare Your Seattle Yard For Winter - Greenwood Hardware

It is officially autumn and we know winter isn’t far away. With all the fall activities, it is easy to get behind on what needs to be done outside to prepare for winter. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest has some pretty mild winters, but there have been some storms in the recent past that have wreaked havoc on unsuspecting residents. You can take steps today and over the coming weeks to prepare the outdoors for winter weather. You will find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware.

  1. Roll up all those hoses and store them in the shed or a patio storage box for the winter. Make sure to drain the hoses completely by starting at one end and lifting the hose over your head and walking the full length.
  2. Apply a fall slow-release fertilizer to the lawn. This helps slow the growth of the grass while giving it a chance to germinate and develop a nice strong root system.
  3. Apply an herbicide to the lawn if you desire. Make sure you take precautions before applying any chemicals to your lawn if you have pets that will be frequenting the area.
  4. Remove old foliage and properly dispose or add it to your compost bin. When the leaves start to fall, rake them up before they have time to become soaked by the rain.
  5. If you have tropical plants, wrap them or bring them indoors. Roses need to be pruned and readied for the dormant period throughout winter.
  6. Planting bulbs like crocus, daffodil and tulips is a fall project. Go ahead and plant the bulbs and prepare for a burst of color next spring!
  7. Consider starting a cool-weather garden filled with things like kale, lettuce, carrot and broccoli. Now is a good time to plant garlic for next spring as well.
  8. Reseed bare spots in the lawn and top with a straw covering to keep birds from eating the seed.
  9. Use tree wrap to wrap young trees and fruit trees to avoid sun scald.
  10. Clean out the gutters often to avoid falling leaves from clogging them up.

Taking care of your lawn and garden in the fall ensures you will have a healthy lawn with little to no bare spots and limited weed growth. By adding compost to your garden beds in the fall, you are adding nutrients to the soil that will make it nice and fertile for next year’s growing season. Don’t be afraid to plant some outside plants that will add some color to your winter landscaping. If you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online. You can find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware. Head on in to see us today!

How to Build a Backyard Birdhouse

How to Build a Backyard Birdhouse - Greenwood Hardware

With the cold weather coming, there are plenty of things you can do to give your feathered friends a little help. There are plenty of birds that stick around through our Seattle fall season that will appreciate a little house to stay out of the rain. And, it is a bit of a rite of passage for every child to make a birdhouse at least once! It is an excellent way to spend time together with the whole family while doing something good for the animals who call your backyard home. It only takes a few supplies to put together a cute birdhouse. You can find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware, your friendly neighborhood store.

Recycled Birdhouse

You don’t have to go the traditional route when you create a nice nesting spot for your favorite birds. They are not picky! You can use old coffee cans, metal buckets or even large PVC pipe. If you are using the can or bucket, you will need to use a screw to drill the can horizontally to a tree. The open end of the can will act as the doorway. You can throw in a few nesting materials like dried grass and twigs to help get the birds started or let nature take its course. This is an excellent way to repurpose items that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Traditional Birdhouse

If you are handy with a saw and nails, you can download a template for a birdhouse. There are plenty of free ones available on the internet. If you are making the house with the kids and want to skip the sawing, you can buy a kit that is already to be put together. You will need some wood glue, a hammer and some nails. Feel free to paint the house to add a little pizzazz to your backyard.

Old Clay Pot

Do you have a chipped clay pot that isn’t really suitable for holding your flowers anymore? If so, you can repurpose that old pot and make it into a lovely birdhouse! You will need a few things from your hardware store to complete this birdhouse. Use a drill with a 1/8 drill bit to make a hole in the side of the pot. This will be your entrance way. Slowly widen the hole, being careful not to chip the pot. Use a file to finish making the entrance. Glue a small piece of wood to the open top of the pot. This will be the floor. Place an eyebolt in the bottom of the pot to use for hanging. You can use rope or a chain passed through the eyebolt to hang the pot from a tree.

Making a birdhouse is a fun way to spend a few hours with the family. You can make several birdhouses to suit the different kinds of birds that frequent your backyard. Head on into Greenwood Hardware to pick up all the supplies you need to build your backyard birdhouse! If you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.