How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Room

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Room - Greenwood HardwareIf you have decided to paint a room to give it a makeover or simply to spruce it up, you may think your biggest decision is deciding the color. While color choice certainly does matter, the type of paint you use is just as important. It can all be a little confusing when you browse the paint aisle. We can help you decide what kind of paint you need so your paint shopping is fun and stress free. Our team at Greenwood Hardware can answer any additional questions you may have about paint in the store!

Choosing the Sheen

This is really an important factor when it comes to choosing the paint for your room. Different sheens mean different things.


This type of paint is like it sounds. There is no glossy look to it. It is also not washable. If there are fingerprints or other blemishes, taking a sponge or towel to the paint will wash it right off the wall. However, flat paint doesn’t show blemishes, like nail holes, as much as the satin finishes.


This is the most common paint choice. It resists stains, and when needed, a damp sponge can wipe away fingerprints. It is a great choice for most rooms in the house.


This is the glossiest finish and has a high sheen. Because of this, any minor imperfection on the wall is very obvious. Bedrooms and living rooms where pictures are likely to be hung will have nail holes, which will be very noticeable when the nails are removed. Satin finishes are great for trims.


Most people associate painting with strong fumes that can be dangerous to inhale, especially for those with breathing problems. Choosing a paint with Low VOC is an excellent choice for everybody. You won’t have to worry about letting the room air out for a couple of days while the paint dries. You can move right in and not worry about any noxious odors.


Quality paint is going to save you money in the long run. Although it will cost more money up front, it will go on smoother and require fewer coats to get that ideal finished look. You will find you use less paint when you choose a better-quality paint brand.

You will find the perfect paint for your needs at Greenwood Hardware. Head on in and pick out the paint color that will give your home that fresh, new look you want. Come on in, or contact us today.

How to Organize for the New Year and Beyond

How to Organize for the New Year and Beyond - Greenwood HardwareIf your New Year’s resolution included doing something a little different to make your home a little more organized, the first place you will want to start is the hardware store. Greenwood Hardware has what you need to help you tidy up the closets, garage, bathroom and even your living room. Getting organized is a great way to de-stress while leaving your home looking cleaner and feeling bigger. You will love how great it feels to walk into a space that is neat and tidy.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Pick one space at a time to tackle. Deciding you want to do your closet, garage, and bathroom all at once will quickly overwhelm you. There’s a good chance you’ll burn out before you ever finish the first project.
  2. Grab a couple of boxes or trash bags. You will want to pull out each item in the area and decide if it is worth keeping, trashing or giving away. Don’t force yourself to get rid of sentimental items, but don’t let everything have sentimental value.
  3. Measure the area. You will need to know how high, wide and how deep the space This is going to help you decide what kind of shelving to use and what size of storage racks and containers will fit in the space.
  4. Head to the hardware store and pick out what you need! This is the fun part. Have some fun with the shelving. If you are not interested in plain white or the industrial feel of metal shelving units, grab some spray paint while you’re there. You can add a pop of color to your garage, closet or even a bathroom by painting your boring shelves.
  5. Install your shelves. Place items in totes or pretty containers that allow you to see what’s inside. You can also have some fun labeling the shelves. Think out of the box for your organizational tools. Make them yours by adding your own flair of color or whimsical designs.

Once you have made the decision to combat that cabin fever by getting organized, head into Greenwood Hardware. You will find shelving brackets, shelves and everything else you need to make your home a little tidier. Come on in, or contact us today.