How to Maintain your Barbecue Grill

How to Maintain your Grill - Greenwood HardwareWe’re in the thick of summer, and your grill has probably seen a great deal of use this season. The summer grilling season is a fantastic way to try out new marinades and recipes while impressing your friends and family (and delighting your taste buds!). Your barbecue grill takes a lot of punishment during the summer months and needs a little TLC to keep in tip-top shape. If you have a new grill or an old grill that could use a little help, these are a few tips to keep it in top form. Our team at Greenwood Hardware wants to make sure your next backyard barbecue is a success and has what you need to maintain your grill.

  1. Use a grill brush or clean towel to wipe down the flame tamers that are directly over the burners. These can often be covered with grease and other debris. Keep them clean to ensure a nice even burn on the grill.
  2. Use a grill brush on a cold grill to scrape off hardened particles of food. This should be done after each use.
  3. Turn on your grill and allow it to heat up a few minutes. Cut a raw onion in half and use tongs or a spatula to rub the onion over the grates. This helps loosen up food particles that are particularly difficult to remove. It smells great and doesn’t require the use of any harsh chemicals!
  4. For gas grills, check your connections at least once a month to ensure there are no leaks. You can check hoses by rubbing soapy water over the hoses. Turn on the gas and look for any bubbles that indicate there is a tiny hole or crack in the hose. Replace any damaged hoses immediately.
  5. Clean the venturi tubes that run along the grill. These are the small pipes with holes that run under the grill grate that carry the air and gas to create your flames. Bees, spiders, and dust can block the airflow, creating a serious fire hazard.
  6. Give the outside of your grill a good rubdown with mild dish soap every month or so. This can help keep it shiny and looking new. When not in use, cover the grill with a tarp or grill cover to help keep out dirt and pests.

Your grill is likely one of those things you take great pride in. Spend a few minutes before and after each use to ensure it is clean and in good working order. If you are a frequent griller, give the grill a thorough cleaning at least once a month. This can help it last longer and ensure you are getting the best barbecue possible. You can find the grill cleaning materials at your local Greenwood Hardware. Stop on in, or contact us today!

Why Mulch Your Pacific Northwest Garden?

Why Mulch Your Pacific Northwest Garden - Greenwood HardwareAre you mulching? You have seen the bags at your local hardware store, but do you know why you should be buying the bags of mulch? If you haven’t been doing it, you should  consider mulching your flower beds, trees and other plants in your landscaping. Our folks at Greenwood Hardware have some helpful tips for using mulch along with a list of reasons why mulching is best.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is really anything that can be used as a ground cover. Ideally, you will want to use organic materials like bark, shredded leaves, straw or compost. Organic mulch will decompose and enrich the soil while feeding the plants that are in residence. Carbon and nitrogen, which make compost such a lovely addition to the garden, can also be found in decomposing organic mulch. There are inorganic mulching materials that include plastic sheeting or fabric that do a few of the things an organic mulch will do, without the benefit of feeding the soil.

Why Mulch?

Mulch, as was just mentioned above, serves multiple purposes with one of them being making your soil more fertile. Fertile soil is at the heart of any gorgeous flower bed, productive garden or healthy shrubs.

Some other reasons for mulching are as follows:

  • Helps soil retain moisture, which means you need to water less often.
  • Helps shade shallow root systems that can easily dry out in direct sun and can keep the soil a bit warmer in the early spring and late fall.
  • Acts as a weed barrier, making less work for you.
  • Keeps the nutrients already in your soil, in.
  • Mulch is a great way to protect young seedlings from being over-watered or in a heavy rainstorm. The mulch acts as a prop for the seedlings as well.
  • Mulch is a great catchment for fruits and veggies, keeping them off the ground and nice and clean.
  • It looks nice!

Mulching is easy and can be done as often or as little as your garden needs. Some things, like leaf waste, will decompose faster and need replenishing throughout the summer. You can make your own compost to use as mulch or head to Greenwood Hardware to pick up bags of mulch that compliment your garden while making your soil even healthier for your plants. Come on in, or contact us today.


How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Pacific Northwest Home

How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Pacific Northwest Home - Greenwood HardwareA picture can say a thousand words, so they say, but so can a first impression. When someone pulls up to your home or drives down the street in your neighborhood, the picture of your front yard will say a lot. It is called curb appeal. Homeowners love to put their best foot forward by making their front yards attractive. It is a source of pride that you can take a lot of joy in. If you need some ideas to spruce up your curb appeal, head into Greenwood Hardware.

The Lawn

A lush green lawn is important. Having the right balance of minerals and the perfect pH in your soil is going to mean the difference between a gorgeous lawn and a lawn that is patchy and struggling. Pick up a soil test kit and then find the products you need to restore your lawn. Adding more seed or fixing those little dead patches is a quick and easy job.

The Front Door

This is a big deal. Adding some pretty flowers in a few containers can transform a boring front door area into one of beauty.  A hanging basket filled with some bright trailing flowers is also a way to help add some color. Use pots that complement the color of your home. Add some personality by painting designs on the pots. Make sure your pots frame the area and don’t create tripping hazards.

The Driveway

It is something that is easily overlooked or ignored, but it is one of the first things people see. Using a power washer to clean the driveway now and again will make it look clean and tidy. Special soaps designed to clean up oil spills can help get rid of those unsightly dark splotches on a nice driveway. Use a weed killer to keep down any weeds that pop up in any cracks and along the sides of the driveway.

House Numbers

Replace the old numbers on your house with new ones that complement the home. These aren’t just about aesthetic appeal. You want emergency officials to be able to clearly identify your home. There are plenty of designs, colors and sizes of numbers you can choose from that will be a beautiful addition to the front exterior of your home.


A dark front yard is not only unattractive; it can be dangerous. You can add a security light over your driveway area for starters. Adding some attractive lights on fence posts or pathways is also a great way to make your home look nicer and make it just a little safer for you and your guests.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to improve the curb appeal of your home. Little things go a long way to making it look better. Head into Greenwood Hardware today to pick up the tools you may need and choose from an assortment of pretty flowers to jazz up your front yard. Come on in, or contact us today.