Five Reasons Why You Want Ladybugs in Your Seattle Yard

Five Reasons Why You Want Ladybugs in Your Seattle Yard - Greenwood HardwareWhen you think about controlling harmful pests like aphids in your garden and your orchard, you may automatically jump to the conclusion you need some kind of chemical spray. For many people, they would prefer to keep their yard and garden as chemical free as possible. Organic gardening is a growing trend for many reasons. Our team at Greenwood Hardware has a solution to your aphid control needs—ladybugs. Ladybugs are an all-natural way of keeping down unwanted pests in the garden. In fact, there are several other reasons you want the little red bugs hanging out in your trees, flower beds and garden.

  1. Ladybugs love to feast on aphids. They can help keep the aphids off your beautiful rose bushes, fruit trees and other leafy greens in your landscaping.
  2. If you have a garden with potatoes growing, you will want ladybugs who love to eat the eggs of the Colorado potato beetle.
  3. Ladybugs eat mealybugs that can suck the juice out of new growth on plants.
  4. Ladybugs also prey on spider mites. Spider mites can destroy entire branches on fruit trees and many fruiting plants.
  5. Ladybugs eat the larvae of many of the insects that can diminish a harvest. This prevents further problems.

One of the best things about using ladybugs as a natural solution to pest problems in the garden is they are extremely inexpensive and completely safe. You can get packs of ladybugs for relatively low cost. Spray a little sugar water on the netting that holds the ladybugs before releasing to help keep them in the area in which you want them to remain.

They require no upkeep and will stick around your garden and landscaping as long as there is plenty of food. Planting flowers like marigolds and cosmos will invite more ladybugs to make your landscaping home. They also enjoy things like cilantro, chives, and dill.

If you would like a natural way to control pests in your gardens this year, head into Greenwood Hardware today and pick up a package. They are an amazing addition to your garden, and you will love how you can take care of your garden without any harsh chemicals. Come on in, or contact us today.

Save our Local Seattle Apples!

Save our Local Seattle Apples! - Greenwood HardwareWith Spring here and the trees in full bloom, it is time to start thinking about what you can do to make the Pacific Northwest a better place to live. One way to do that is by limiting the amount of waste that is produced. Another way is helping your neighbors have healthy meals, even if their budgets don’t allow for things like fresh fruit. Apple trees are plentiful in the Pacific Northwest, and they can thrive—when they are properly taken care of. Our team at Greenwood Hardware has partnered with City Fruit to encourage our neighbors to take care of the apple trees in our neighborhood.

In recent years, 12,000 pounds of fruit was added to waste heaps and composted. It is a staggering amount that was completely preventable. In 2014, City Fruit managed to harvest 28,000 pounds of fresh fruit, with the majority being donated to emergency food programs. Imagine if the 12,000 pounds of fruit that was inedible could have been saved.

With the installation of pest barriers, that is a real possibility. The apple maggot and coddling moth are often to blame for making the fruit inedible. By putting the pest barriers over the small fruits in the spring, it can ensure the crop in the fall is edible. This is a desirable method because it does not involve the use of any chemicals. It is truly a green solution!

The bags can be picked up for free this Spring. They are completely organic and will not damage the fruit or the tree. It is fairly simple to tie the small bags over the fruits. By taking care of fruit trees, you can help eliminate thousands of pounds of waste while feeding people in need in the Seattle area. Visit Greenwood Hardware today to pick up your organic pest barriers and do what you can to help save Seattle’s apples. Come on in, or contact us today.

How to Build a Wood Storage Rack for Your Backyard Fire Pit

How to Build a Wood Storage Rack for Your Backyard Fire Pit - Greenwood HardwareIt is that time of year when families gather around a small fire in the backyard. It is a fantastic way to unwind while hanging out with the people you love the most. A fire provides warmth as well as a focal point. Whether you are roasting marshmallows or making smores, you are going to need wood for your fire. You can build your very own wood holder to keep things neat and tidy and easily accessible. Our folks at Greenwood Hardware can help you gather the supplies you will need for your holder.


  • Seven 2×2 wood pieces approximately 36 inches long
  • Saw
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Wood stain


You can choose to adjust the wood lengths to a size that is more suitable for your needs.

Cut one of the long pieces into 12-inch lengths. Cut two of the long pieces of wood in half.

Place two 18-inch lengths parallel to each other on the ground, 12 inches apart. Use screws to place one of the 12-inch pieces between the 18-inch pieces in the middle of the lengths. This should resemble an H.

Next, you will want to attach the long pieces at each corner of your H. They will be standing straight up.

Place one of the 12-inch pieces between the two of the leg pieces that are standing up. Do this on each side.

Attach the two remaining 18-inch pieces of wood at the top of the legs, just like the bottom frame. This will give your wood rack some stability.

Stain your wood holder and allow to dry.

Load your wood, and you have a wonderful way to keep your firewood handy and tidy! You will find the tools you need to build your wood holder at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, or contact us today.

Creative Container Gardens for Your Patio

Creative Container Gardens for Your Patio - Greenwood HardwareHaving some potted plants on your porch, patio or deck is a great way to add a little color while creating a pretty picture. You don’t have to stick with the standard potted flowers. You can get creative and add some fun flair to your containers a variety of ways. Our team at Greenwood Hardware has some fun design tips to help get your creative juices flowing.

Dazzling Pots

You can stick with the classic terra cotta pots that have been adorning porches and patios for years or put your own spin on those pots with some fun designs. Have the kids color some designs or if you like that old, rustic look, you can “distress” the pots. All it takes is a little paint, a little sandpaper, and a little elbow grease. You can, of course, paint your pots in a solid color as well. Bright colors or even metallic finishes are a fun way to liven up any space.

Plant Combos

You don’t have to stick with all petunias or pansies in your containers. Have some fun and create a small garden all in one pot with tall plants, ground crawlers and a splash of color in the middle. You can choose to go with plants that contrast each other or pick a color scheme, like shades of yellow, green or red and keep it running throughout the plants you put into your container. The full pots create a remarkable display.

Veggie Garden

You don’t have to stick with decorative plants. You can create a tiny vegetable garden in your container. Mix a combination of cabbage, spinach and some sweet peas for a colorful, yet functional container garden. Imagine stepping out the door and plucking fresh food right from your patio.

Herb Gardens

Herbs are often grown in containers that sit in a bright window in the kitchen. You can mix a variety of herbs in a single container to create a beautiful, aromatic display. Choose herbs that have scents that please you. Keeping some herbs, like peppermint, growing on the porch or patio can also help deter some of the pesky bugs that can ruin a perfectly good outdoor lunch. To release the scent, pinch a few leaves on each of the plants.

Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up your plants and supplies to create beautiful container gardens to liven up your outdoor spaces. Come on in, or contact us today.

How to Create Your Own Outdoor Painted Rug

How to Create Your Own Outdoor Painted Rug - Greenwood HardwareEvery season there are new trends in home decorating ideas. Right now, the latest trend is elaborate, colorful outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are essentially nothing more than a painted cement slab on a patio or a wood deck. They are a fun way to brighten up a space and give it your own creative touch. The best thing about the painted rugs is you can change them up whenever you feel like it. You can get the whole family involved in this project to really make it your own. Our team at Greenwood Hardware can help you find exactly what you need to get started.

Tools and Supplies

  • Exterior paint in a variety of colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Straightedge
  • Marking pencil/pen
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint roller
  1. Decide what kind of design you are going to paint your rug. It can be a simple square or more elaborate with zig-zags, lines or big circles.
  2. Wash the area you are going to be painting and allow to dry overnight.
  3. Use a straightedge and pencil to outline your rug. Use a smaller ruler or some other stencil to trace the designs you will paint into the rug.
  4. Outline each pencil mark with painter’s tape.
  5. Paint your rug! Use several coats if you are painting wood. The wood will absorb the first layer or two of paint.
  6. If you want the rug to stay nice and bright for a long time, add a coat of polyurethane over the rug to seal it in.

That’s it! It is that simple to create a cool piece of art on your deck or patio. It takes your outdoor living space to a whole new level. Your friends will be asking you how you did it. Make sure you head to Greenwood Hardware to pick up the paint and other tools needed to work on your painted rug this weekend. Come on in, or contact us today.