How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Seattle Yard

How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Seattle Yard - Greenwood HardwareDandelions are one of the biggest nuisances anybody with a lawn will have to deal with. The pesky flowers are invasive, and they spread like wildfire. It seems like for every dandelion you kill, five more pop up. They can quickly spread throughout a lawn. While they aren’t technically harmful, they will take over the root space in the lawn and the grass will die. The dandelions will also attract bees in the spring, which can be a serious problem for those who enjoy walking barefoot through their own lawn. At Greenwood Hardware, we understand the difficulties and have a few suggestions to help you get rid of the annoying flowers.

There are plenty of chemical weed killers you can use that are very effective. However, pets may be sickened if they walk across the lawn that has been sprayed. You can also track the herbicide into the home on the soles of your shoes.

  1. Boiling water is an old fashioned way of killing the dandelions. Pour boiling water over each dandelion and within days you will see they have withered up and died.
  2. Spray the dandelions, flowers, and leaves, with straight vinegar. You can add a little dish soap to the vinegar to help the vinegar stick to the leaves and kill the plants quicker.
  3. Corn gluten meal can be picked up at a local feed store. Sprinkle the corn meal on newly forming dandelions early in the spring. It essentially smothers the plants and prevents the roots from taking hold in your lawn. The corn gluten meal will not hurt your lawn and will actually help green it up.
  4. An organic herbicide is safe to use on your lawn if you have kids and pets or simply don’t want the chemicals that are in a traditional weed-killing product.
  5. Pulling the dandelions is absolutely effective, but it can be time-consuming and labor intensive. It is best to give the lawn a good soak before you attempt to pull the dandelions. They have very long roots that can easily break off when you are pulling. You may want to use a small trowel to loosen the soil. There is actually a tool that is designed specifically for dandelion removal.

Once your lawn has been infected with dandelions, they can be difficult to get rid of. Go on the offense next spring and give your soil a good dose of compost and nutrients to help the soil be more grass friendly and less dandelion friendly. You will find a variety of tools and organic herbicides at Greenwood Hardware that will help you take your lawn back from those dandelions. Come on in, or contact us today.



Did You Know That Greenwood Hardware is Pooch-Friendly?

Did You Know That Greenwood Hardware is Pooch-Friendly? For many families, their dogs are a part of the family. They have a couple of extra legs and tend to be a bit hairier, but they are often taken along on outings and adventures as if they were one of the kids. It’s exciting for the dogs and the owners. Dog moms and dads get a thrill out of showing off their four-legged kids and enjoy the look of excitement on the dog’s face as they drive down the road, checking out all the sights. Maybe it is a walk through the neighborhood to your local hardware store that gets your dog excited. At Greenwood Hardware, your well-behaved dog on a leash is always welcome to tag along. Your friendly neighborhood hardware store is dog-friendly!

For a dog, hanging out with their owner is one of the best things in their dog world. This is especially true if the owner works full time and gets a limited time with their pet. Your dog will be thrilled to tag along and browse the aisles of our hardware store while you pick up what you need to fix things around the house on your day off.

The next time you need to fix a squeaky door hinge or pick up some new plants for the landscaping, don’t forget to pack along your leash and your best buddy. You can spend the day with your dog without slacking off on the household chores you need to get done. Life is all about finding a balance. Being able to spend time with those you love while taking care of the duties that go along with a home ownership is possible. Head into Greenwood Hardware with your dog and turn a typical chore into an exciting adventure! Come on in, or contact us today.


Ten Pet-Friendly Plants to Keep Around The House

Ten Pet-Friendly Plants to Keep Around The House - Greenwood HardwareOur family pets are honorary members of our families. They often act like toddlers in the sense that they like to put everything into their mouths…even things that can make them sick. Pets are notorious for getting into things, including the houseplants you have around the home. Unfortunately, there are quite a few houseplants that can make a pet very sick if they eat them. Our team at Greenwood Hardware knows how important your pets and their health are to you! Here is a list of houseplants you can use to brighten your home and are pet-friendly as well.

  1. Spider plants are beautiful and do well inside the house. They are easy to grow and safe to have around your pets, just in case they decide to try a bite.
  2. The pretty Zebra plant is common in many household windowsills and is safe to have around the pets.
  3. A variety of succulents, including cacti, are okay for pets and most of the time, pets will just leave the pokey plants alone.
  4. The majestic Areca Palm is perfect for brightening up a corner and is okay to have around your furry friends.
  5. Boston Ferns are gorgeous, and you will be thrilled to know they too made the safe list.
  6. A Prayer Plant will not bother your pets.
  7. The Ponytail Palm is a favorite for windowsills, and your cats will be cool sitting next to the plant.
  8. Radiator Plants or the Peperomia are safe to have around pets and will not make them sick if they take a bite.
  9. Orchids require a green thumb, but if you have worked hard to get yours healthy and blooming, you don’t have to worry about your hard work being in vain. Your pets are safe from your beautiful orchid.
  10. The African Violet is not toxic to pets.

All of these plants are safe to have around the home with your pets. However, it is important you do what you can to keep the pets out of the plants as much as possible. You don’t want to risk them getting sick from eating too much. Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up your houseplant supplies! Come on in, or contact us today.