How To Remove Old Carpet From Your Seattle Home

How To Remove Old Carpet From Your Seattle Home - Greenwood HardwareGetting new carpet is a really big deal and a very worthy investment for your home. Some people are getting rid of their old carpet and choosing to go with hardwood or vinyl floors, which is a popular trend in home building right now. Whether you are going to have new carpet installed or going with a wood or vinyl floor, you have to get rid of the old stuff. The folks at Greenwood Hardware understand the need homeowners have to save money where they can and knowing how to get rid of that old carpet can save you a couple hundred dollars in labor.

How do you do it?

It is a big job, but it can be managed with a few friends willing to give you a hand.

Prepare the Space

Your first step is going to be taking care of anything that may interfere with you pulling the carpet up. That means if you have any bi-fold closet doors or doors that open into the area, you will want to take them off. This way you don’t damage them while you are ripping and tearing up the old carpet. Remove all the furniture from the area as well.

Gloves and Mask

You absolutely will want to have heavy work gloves on when you start pulling up carpet. Depending on what kind of carpet you are removing, it can rub your knuckles raw when you are pulling. The gloves also protect your hands from the sharp nails on the tack strips under the carpet. Old carpet can be really dirty! If you are sensitive to smells and dust, wear a mask to keep from incurring a coughing or sneezing fit.

Pick a Corner

You will want to choose a corner to start in. The corner furthest from the door is a good place. Use pliers to pull the carpet up a bit. The tack strips should be stuck to the floor. Use your hands to grip the carpet and pull back along one wall. As you are pulling, lay the carpet flat on itself so it is easy to roll up. You may need to use a razor knife to cut the carpet into strips to make it easier to pick up the carpet. Carpet is very heavy and trying to lift a huge roll is very difficult! It will also make disposal easier. You will want to repeat the process with the carpet pad. You can leave the tack strips where they are if they are in good shape. This can save you money as well.


Check here or here to find out where you can dispose of your old carpet. If you are buying new carpet, the installers may be able to tell you where it is legal to dispose of your old carpet, or they may offer to dispose of it for you.

Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up the tools you will need to remove your own carpet and save yourself some cash. Come on in, or contact us today.



How To Build A Raised Garden Bed In Your Seattle Backyard

How To Build A Raised Garden Bed In Your Seattle Backyard - Greenwood HardwareGardening is a hobby more and more people are discovering. The rewards of growing your own food are what drives people to have a garden! Sometimes, gardening isn’t ideal in the soil in your backyard, or maybe you are not fond of kneeling on the ground to tend the garden. Even if your soil is less than ideal or you would prefer not to get on the ground, you can grow vegetables in a raised garden bed. You will find all the tools you need to build your own raised garden bed in your backyard.

It is a fairly simple task to make the raised garden bed that is right for you and your needs.

Materials Needed

  • Four 2x6s in the length you choose, a good starting point is 4 or 6 feet, this gives you a nice size bed in which to plant
  • 4” screws
  • Drill
  • Potting soil
  • Newspaper or cardboard (optional)

Choose Your Location

You will want to choose a place in your yard that allows for plenty of sunlight. You can lay down some cardboard or old newspaper in the area where you will be putting your raised garden. This does two things; it blocks weeds from sprouting and growing into your garden, and the cardboard/paper will break down creating compost for your soil.

Build the Box

Place the four pieces of wood in the location they will be going, making a square. Use the drill to screw the wood together at the ends to create the box. You will want two screws on each end to secure the bed.

Fill the Box

Fill your garden box with potting soil and compost. Plant your seeds or plant starts and watch your garden bloom!

If you want your raised bed to be a bit higher, you can use 2x8s. Another variation would be to use 3 or more 2x4s for each side. You will need an inner post made with 4x4s in the desired height of the box. This requires a great deal of soil to fill the box, so do keep that in mind.

You can stain the wood or buy pre-treated lumber to help protect the wood from the wet northwest climate.

Making raised garden beds is a satisfying project that will fill you with pride at the end of the day. Head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up the tools, soil and plants you will need to get your garden off to a great start. Come on in, or contact us today.






How to Build a Stone Fire Pit

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit - Greenwood HardwareSitting around a warm fire on a cool, clear evening is something many of us dream about. It reminds us of camping with our families and friends. Nowadays, you don’t have to head off into the mountains to get that warm campfire feeling. A backyard fire pit is becoming a common trend in backyards all across the Pacific Northwest. It brings families and friends closer together as they sit around the fire, telling stories, mulling over life or enjoying the open air. A fire pit makes the fire a little safer and more manageable as well as keeps things neat and tidy in the backyard. You will find what you need to make your own backyard fire pit at Greenwood Hardware.

Follow these simple directions to make your own stone fire pit.

  1. Put a pole or stake in the center of the area you want the fire pit. If you want a fire pit that is six feet around, cut a piece of rope to three feet and use some duct tape to hold it to the bottom of the pole where it meets the ground. Extend the rope and turn it to create a circle around the center pole.
  2. Use a shovel to flatten the area or remove any grass or weeds. You should have a fairly perfect circle in the ground at a depth of about 6 inches.
  3. With the pole in the same place, cut the rope to a length that accounts for the width of the stones that will be used to create the fire pit wall. If the stones are 6 inches wide, your string should be 30 inches long. Use marking paint to draw a circle inside the ring.
  4. Pour a layer of cement in the outer circle, making sure to use a trowel to create a flat surface. If you are using a steel ring, now is the time to put it in the center. The steel ring will help keep the heat off the stone, as the stone may crack under the heat of a fire over time.
  5. Add a layer of stones into the wet cement, creating a circle. Use mortar to add several layers of stone to create the walls. You can skip the cement foundation and mortar and dry stack the stones if you like. They won’t be as stable, but some of the stones you find are designed to stack on top of one another and will hold fairly steady.

Building a fire pit is a fairly simple task that you can get done within a couple of hours. Head out back and decide where you want your fire pit and how big you want it and then head to Greenwood Hardware to pick up what you need to get started. Come on in, or contact us today



Seven Ways to Beat the Seattle Heat

Seven Ways to Beat the Seattle Heat - Greenwood HardwareSummer came blazing into the Pacific Northwest recently (not that you’d know it this week), and many people were caught by surprise. Our normally mild climate was scorched by a heat wave, all before the official first day of summer. That could be a sign that this summer will be a hot one! For many residents in the Pacific Northwest, air conditioning is not a standard feature in their home or apartment. It isn’t usually needed and the few days a year the temperature soars are tolerable. However, our folks at Greenwood Hardware have some suggestions to help keep you cool this summer just in case the temperature spikes again.

  1. Keep your curtains pulled in the heat of the day. Yes, your home may be a little dark, but it can keep the temperature down. Heavy sun-blocking curtains or blinds are the best. Sheer curtains or pretty lace curtains are not going to do much good. If you have to, there is no shame in hanging a blanket over a south-facing window for a couple of days. Scorching heat is no time to worry about appearances.
  2. Leave your windows closed as well. The air outside is going to be much hotter than the air in your home. Use a fan to help stir the air and create a breeze.
  3. Avoid cooking in the oven or running the dryer. These two appliances can raise the temperature in the house several degrees.
  4. Open the windows at night to take advantage of the cool air. Fortunately, it is always much cooler late at night and in the early hours of the morning. This can help lower the temperature in the house before another hot day rolls in.
  5. Small windows can be covered with an auto shade. Use a little duct tape to hold the shade in place. This will block the heat and reflect it away from your house.
  6. When you are home, save the heavy duty cleaning for later. Don’t take on any big projects in the yard or decide to rearrange the furniture. You need to keep your body temperature down, especially when you don’t have somewhere cool to rest after you have become overheated.
  7. If you feel warm, place a cool cloth on the back of your neck. This will help reduce your body temperature fairly quickly. With a fan blowing on you and a cool, damp cloth draped across your neck, you will be infinitely cooler.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down. All of us at your friendly neighborhood Greenwood Hardware want you to stay safe and cool this summer! Come on in, or contact us today.