Composting in the Pacific Northwest

Composting in the Pacific Northwest - Greenwood HardwareOrganic gardening continues its rise in popularity as more people strive to eat healthier. The elimination of chemical fertilizers and soil additions is one of the most important parts of organic gardening. Compost is regularly used in place of those various additives without fear of harmful side effects. It is much more environmentally friendly and economical to use compost in the garden. At Greenwood Hardware, we strive to make our little corner of the northwest a little greener by offering organic and environmentally-friendly solutions.

In the Pacific Northwest, recycling is a way of life. Everything has a place. This means composting isn’t going to be a big change in pace for folks around here. Tossing kitchen waste, newspapers, leaves and grass clippings into a compost bin and letting it break down for several months takes almost no effort at all. You will be keeping more waste out of the landfills and helping out your garden, trees and even your flower beds. Compost is the perfect solution for the urban gardener.

You can buy a compost tumbler that keeps everything neat and tidy. About once a week or so,  you will need to go out and give the tumbler a few spins to help aerate the waste inside so it can break down evenly. This is an excellent way to contain the odor that can sometimes occur with the organic breakdown process. If you are not too excited about making your own compost,  you can buy it in bags. This makes it quick and easy for you to feed the soil without waiting several months.

If you are not sold on compost or maybe you are hesitant to add what is originally garbage to your soil, here are some good reasons you will want to get into composting.

  • Compost helps build the soil
  • Composting is earth friendly
  • You can skip fertilizers
  • Your plants will be healthy without chemicals
  • Saves money on fertilizers
  • Reduces the amount of water your plants need
  • Compost doesn’t get washed away like fertilizers

You can visit Greenwood Hardware to buy bags of organic compost to help liven up your lawn and garden without hurting the soil or potentially harming yourself. Come on in, or contact us today.