Help, My Shower Head is Clogged! Quick Tips to Unclog your Shower Head Fast

Help, My Shower Head is Clogged! Quick Tips to Unclog your Shower Head FastTaking a shower first thing in the morning or after a long day is one of those little luxuries in life we tend to take for granted. It isn’t until we notice the shower head seems to be failing that we really appreciate the streams of water that used to flow from the shower head. If you have noticed your shower head is clogged, you can go to Greenwood Hardware to find just what you need to fix the shower head and begin enjoying your showers again.

There are a few things you can do at home to clean out the shower head and make it work like new again. If all else fails, replacing the shower head is a quick project you can do on your own.

  1. Fill a Ziploc sandwich bag about halfway with vinegar. Place the bag over the shower head and use a rubber band or zip tie to fasten it to the shower head. Allow the nozzle to soak in the vinegar 12 hours or up to 24 hours. Remove the bag, turn on the water and the shower head should be good as new. You can also remove your shower head and disassemble if you know how and place in a bowl of vinegar.
  2. For really caked-on calcium, you can add baking soda to the bag of vinegar. The bubbling mixture will help remove the calcium and mineral buildup that clogs the tiny holes on your shower head.
  3. You can disassemble the shower head and place it in a pot of boiling vinegar. This is a quick way to unclog the shower head and doesn’t require it to soak overnight. Use a scrub brush to remove any leftover residue.

Soaking your shower head every few months will eliminate clogs altogether. If you need to replace your shower head, head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up what you need for a new one. You will also find the appropriate wrenches to remove your shower head for cleaning. Come on in, or contact us today.

I’d Like To Update My Bathroom But Don’t Want To Spend A Fortune. Help!

I’d Like To Update My Bathroom But Don’t Want To Spend A Fortune. Help! The season’s cooler weather means you may be spending a lot more time indoors. This gives you plenty of time to look around your house and see all the things you would like to do to make it a little more modern! Updating your rooms doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can actually update your bathroom without putting out a great deal of money. These simple tricks can be done over a weekend. The team at Greenwood Hardware can help you find just what you need to make your bathroom into something a little more modern and appealing.

New Paint

Fortunately, bathrooms tend to be rather small, and a single gallon of paint is enough to transform your bathroom into something fabulous. You can keep it simple and paint just the door and window trim if you don’t want to take on the whole room.

Outlet Covers and Light Switches

Get creative and add a splash of color to those boring outlet covers. You can buy shiny silver plates or find wood plates that you can paint yourself. Add a pretty design to match the theme in your bathroom.

Repaint the Floors

If you have wood floors in your bathroom, add a fresh stain to not only protect the wood but breathe new life into it. Choose from a variety of shades that can make the entire bathroom look new again.

New Cabinet Hardware

Adding new drawer pulls and cabinet hardware is quick and easy and makes a huge difference. Again, go with something that complements the colors in your bathroom or get creative and add a little something special to the knobs. A small paintbrush and the right kind of paint is all you need.

Update the Mirror

Your bathroom mirror gets very little attention. Most mirrors are plain and stuck directly to the wall. Check out some thrift stores and look for a frame you could put around your mirror. You could also make your own with some wood. Make the mirror a statement piece and give it a bright frame that really pops.

Good Scrub

You will be amazed at how faded your tile gets overtime. A strong cleaner with a special acid cleansing solution can brighten the tile and make it look new again. If your tile is already pretty clean, try using window cleaner to make it shine.

The bathroom is often one of those rooms in the house that gets ignored, despite how important it is. These quick, thrifty upgrades can give it a whole new look that you will be proud of. Head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up the supplies you need to transform your bathroom this weekend. Come on in, or contact us today.

Does Your Seattle Home Need A Dehumidifier?

Does Your Seattle Home Need A Dehumidifier? Living in the Pacific Northwest means there can be lots of moisture in the air. The moisture makes it a lovely place to live with all the lush green forests and trees all around us. Unfortunately, too much moisture can be a real problem for our homes. You may not even realize the humidity in your home is causing problems. A dehumidifier can help dry things out a bit so your home isn’t susceptible to some of the side effects of high humidity or moisture in the air. At Greenwood Hardware, you will find what you need to take care of any of the issues that arise due to excessive moisture.

Check out the following five signs that indicate you need a dehumidifier.

  1. Condensation on the inside of your windows is a sign there is too much moisture in the house. Foggy windows is another way to tell. The windows are a prime place for moisture to build up due to the increased likelihood of a seal not being tight. Sealing the windows and using a dehumidifier will help alleviate the problem.
  2. Mold growth along the window, the walls or the ceiling is a very clear sign you need to reduce the humidity levels in your home. Clean the mold with a special cleaning solution and get a dehumidifier running.
  3. If you come home after a long day at work and it smells musty or has an odor of mildew or mold, you need a dehumidifier. There may likely mold and mildew growing, whether you can see it or not. This can be a health hazard. The dehumidifier will help dry things out and stop the mold growth.
  4. Obvious signs of water damage like rings in the ceiling are a sign water has leaked through. It could also indicate there is too much moisture inside the house. Bathrooms are especially prone to this.
  5. If you find you are sneezing, stuffed up or experience other allergy signs, it could be because of high humidity in your home. The humidity makes it a prime environment for mold spores and dust mites that will certainly irritate your airways.

Don’t suffer with mold and mildew any longer. Get a dehumidifier and make sure the air you breathe while you are at home is safe and clean. Head into Greenwood Hardware to learn more and pick up the supplies you need to restore your home’s air to a safe, clean quality. Come on in, or contact us today.

Greenwood Hardware Employee Spotlight – Marty Spiegel

We simply cannot say enough about our amazing staff members here at Greenwood Hardware. They are truly family and make our store that much better with their helpful presence!

We’ll periodically add new staff members to our blog, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

Marty Spiegel

Greenwood Hardware Employee Spotlight - Marty Spiegel









Known by many as the Honorary Mayor of Greenwood, he spent many years serving on the Phinney Ridge Community Council.

Marty has been with Greenwood Hardware for 20 years. He is a man of many talents around the store and a “go to guy” for customer questions, specializing in Glass Cutting, Re-Screening and Paint knowledge.

His favorite part of working at Greenwood Hardware is meeting, petting and treating all the neighborhood dogs that are always welcome to shop with their owners.

Marty chooses to “live on the planet with a small footprint” and being a member of the Seattle Pea Patch Program he is doing his part. He walks or bikes almost everywhere and is a supporter of the shop local movement.

Thanks for your service, Marty! We are happy to have you as part of our staff and team. Stop on by soon and say hello to Marty and the rest of our staff!

What Should I Look For In A New Grill?

What Should I Look For In A New Grill? With the end of summer and the grilling season coming to an end, now is a great time to buy a new grill for your home. You can find some great deals without worrying about fighting the crowds to really check out a grill before you buy. If you are looking to buy a new grill for your fall and winter barbecues (because let’s face it, grilling really is a year-round activity, especially in the Pacific Northwest) our team at Greenwood Hardware has some advice for you.

Choose What Kind of Fuel

Do you want a gas, charcoal or electric grill? This will help narrow the field. Some grills will allow you the option to have one fuel or another. There are perks to all three kinds, but it really boils down to personal preference.

Serving Size

How many people will you be grilling for on a regular basis? You don’t want to be stuck standing at the grill for hours with only a few people eating at a time or meat piling up and getting cold. Choose a size that can accommodate your family or regular amount of guests. Think football game parties. How many of your pals will you have over?

What do You Serve?

If you are the person who grills up chicken breast, steaks and large cuts of meat, you will need a larger grill. If you like to keep it simple with burgers and dogs, you can go a little smaller.

How Much Space do You Have?

How much available space do you have on your patio? You don’t want to get a monster grill that will take up the entire space and actually become a danger to you and your guests. Choose a grill that will fit nicely and safely on your patio or deck. Hey, if you need a bigger patio, that is a project you can certainly tackle as well!

Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up your grilling supplies or to buy what you need to make some space for that bigger grill you have your eye on! Come on in, or contact us today.