I Want To Build A Raised Garden Bed. Where Do I Start?

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed Gardening isn’t always easy when you are struggling with soil that is rocky, sandy or clay-like. It can also be hard on your back and knees to tend your garden when it sits directly on the ground. A raised garden bed is the answer to most of your gardening woes. You can add nice, fertile soil to the bed to take care of any soil issues and you can build the bed at a height that is a little easier for you to tend. The raised beds are also ideal for reducing weeds! You will find all the supplies you need to build your raised garden bed at Greenwood Hardware.

Supplies Needed

  • Hammer/drill
  • Nails/screws
  • 3 2×8 boards
  • Circular saw

Building the Box

  1. Clear out an 8-foot by 4-foot section in your yard or garden area. Use a shovel to remove old grass. You can put down a layer of weed block to help reduce weeds from popping up in your garden bed.
  2. Cut one of the boards in half. You will have 2 8-foot boards and 2 4-foot boards.
  3. Position the boards in the area you have cleared out.
  4. Nail or screw the boards together to form a box. Place one of the short boards between the two long boards on one end and repeat for the other.
  5. Fill your garden box with potting soil. You can mix in some garden soil as well.

That’s it! That is a quick and simple raised garden bed that will help you grow the garden you want without the extra effort of fixing the soil or dealing with weeds. You can add braces at the corners to help provide stability for the raised bed. Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up your supplies. Come on in, or contact us today.


Tips to Keep Your Seattle Lawn Beautiful

Tips to Keep Your Seattle Lawn BeautifulKeeping your grass green over summer and into autumn can be a real chore. It seems like about the time you get rid of the clover and dandelions, the grass starts to turn brown and you end up with ugly brown spots throughout your lawn. Your lawn is supposed to add beauty to your home and give you a place to play and hang out with the family. An unsightly lawn can be an embarrassment despite the fact you are working hard to keep it beautiful. At Greenwood Hardware, we understand your desire to have a lush lawn all season long and are ready to help you do just that!

These are a few tips you can use to keep your lawn staying green and healthy right up until the leaves start to fall. Excessive heat, lack of water and heavy foot traffic are the most common culprits.

  • While you cannot control the heat, you can buy grass that is meant for hot weather.
  • Keeping foot traffic down when the grass is stressed will also help.
  • Water the grass regularly in the evenings or mornings to keep it from drying out.
  • Keep your lawnmower blade sharp. A nice clean cut will keep the tips from shredding and drying out, leaving your lawn full of brown tips.
  • Do not fertilize your lawn when it is stressed. Summer feedings could actually hurt your lawn. A good feeding in the spring and fall is adequate.
  • This fall, add seed to the lawn to help new growth that will fill in some of the bare spots.
  • Bugs, pests and weeds will take advantage of an unhealthy lawn and you will end up with numerous problems. Do what you can to keep the grass watered to help stave off pests. Pull any weeds when you see them and use a weed controller around the perimeter of your lawn.

If you leave for vacation, ask a neighbor to turn the water on for a period of time at least every other day while you are gone. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by installing a timer, as this ensures your lawn gets just the right amount of water every day. Then you won’t have to worry about going out of town or forgetting after a hectic day at work.

You will find the tools you need to keep your lawn green at Greenwood Hardware. Head in and pick up what you need to keep your lawn healthy and you happy! Come on in, or contact us.

Got Rats? How To Deal with Rodents Invading Your Home and Yard

Got Rats? How To Deal with Rodents Invading Your Home and Yard If you have discovered some uninvited guests in your home or yard, you need help to give them their eviction notices! Rats are not only a nuisance; they also pose a danger to you and your family. They are nasty creatures that nobody is ever excited to see or discover the evidence of their presence. Greenwood Hardware has what you need to get rid of the unwanted interlopers.

Unlike mice, rats are much bigger and can do a lot more damage. A few reasons you want to get rid of rats as quickly as possible are as follows:

  • They carry disease (they are actually blamed for spreading the plague a few centuries ago)
  • They cause major damage to floors, ceilings and walls
  • They will destroy food (they like tomatoes!)
  • They can and will eat through wiring, causing a serious electric hazard

Your best bet is prevention.

  • Stack firewood at least 18 inches off the ground when possible
  • Keep your trash lid in place
  • Remove any food from outside your home, don’t leave out rotting fruits or veggies
  • Cover all openings into your home, invest in sturdy grates for vents
  • Don’t leave cat or dog food outside
  • Keep trees cut back, so branches don’t give rats easy access to your attic
  • Only use composters that are sealed and rodent proof, avoid putting any meat or dairy products in your compost heap

If you have rats, act quickly to get rid of them. Rat traps are really your best option. Poison can leave you with dead rats in duct work, behind the walls and under your house. This doesn’t eliminate the risk of disease and can actually be rather unsanitary. Trapping rats is best and allows you to remove the carcass from your house altogether. Always use gloves when removing the rat from the trap. Keep setting the traps until you no longer see evidence of their presence.

Head into Greenwood Hardware today and pick up your rat traps and get rid of your rats today! Come on in, or contact us.


We’re Looking into a Portable Air Conditioner. What Are Our Best Options?

We’re Looking into a Portable Air Conditioner. What Are Our Best Options? In the Pacific Northwest, we don’t need to use air conditioning very often. Many homes and apartments in the area are not equipped with central air, simply because it is rarely used—until this summer! This summer has left many Seattle homeowners scrambling for a way to stay cool. The heat has been rather atrocious, and although it doesn’t make sense to invest in a brand new, expensive air conditioning unit, it does make sense to invest in a portable air conditioner. But, what kind do you need and what are your options? Greenwood Hardware has some advice to help you pick the best one for your needs.

Portable air conditioners are rather large. They are about the size of a mini-fridge, maybe a bit taller depending on the make and model. The air conditioners are on wheels, which makes them very handy to move from room to room.

Some key points to look for when choosing a portable air conditioner are as follows;

  • Look at the room size for each unit, they range from 550 sq. feet to about 700 sq. feet
  • BTUs matter, the higher the number, say 12,000, the bigger the room the unit can cool. A unit with 5,000 BTUs will only cool a very small area, maybe 150 sq. feet
  • Choose a unit with at least two fan speeds, most come with three
  • A remote control is handy if you would rather not get out of bed or off the couch to adjust the settings on the air conditioner
  • Price is going to be a factor, but don’t assume a more expensive one is better
  • Check the noise level ratings; you certainly don’t want a unit that is overly loud

There are several brands you have to choose from when it comes to portable air conditioners. The following are ranked from top to bottom based on Top Ten Reviews. Each of the top five are extremely close in numbers. The deciding factor may boil down to the extras like a sleep mode, remote control and availability in your area.

  • Haier
  • Edgestart—cheapest and best bang for your buck
  • Soleus
  • Whynter
  • Honeywell

Once you have made your decision, head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up the supplies needed to vent your portable air conditioner should it need it. Come on in, or contact us today.

Labor Day Projects for Your Pacific Northwest Home

Labor Day Projects for Your Pacific Northwest HomeWith the last summer holiday right around the corner, you probably have a few things you need to get done. Labor Day weekend is typically the end of summer. The kids are back to school and fall is just around the corner! You still have time to squeeze in a project or two before the weather really changes. You will find everything you need to complete your projects at Greenwood Hardware.

Deck and Patio Sprucing Up

Give your deck and patio a little love after a long, hot summer. If you haven’t stained your deck this year, now is a great time to do it. Add a sealer to the wood to help protect it from the heavy rains that are sure to be headed to the Pacific Northwest. Don’t forget about your lawn furniture. Adding a fresh coat of paint or a new coat of stain will help spruce it up for the last month of outdoor barbecues.

Garage Clean Out

Clean out the garage and get ready to store things away for the winter. Have an end-of-summer yard sale if you need to. Get rid of things you don’t use or need to make room for the things you do. Spend some time organizing your tools and toys. Use large hooks to hang items from the ceiling to take advantage of every bit of space.

Give the Windows Some Love

Clean the windows! Give the windows a good cleaning, inside and out. Clean the window sills and check for any cracks around the windows. Add foam insulation strips or caulking to seal up any cracks. This will save you a lot of money during the winter. On those long winter days when you are staring out the window, you want them to be as clean as possible. Make sure you get the second story windows as well.

Paint the House

If you have been thinking about painting the outside of your house, now is the time to do it. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint will help protect it from the harsh winter weather while making it look brand new. If you don’t want to paint the whole house, consider painting the window trim and shutters to add a little something different.

Take advantage of the last days of summer and take care of those little things you have been putting off. You will find paint, brushes and all the other tools and supplies you need to make your projects a success at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, or contact us today.