How To Fix Up The Furniture In Your Seattle Home

How To Fix Up The Furniture In Your Seattle HomeSummer can be a great time to take care of some of those little jobs around the house that have been put off for a few months. One of the things we see nearly every day and probably think, “I need to fix that,” and then end up forgetting about it are the dents and dings on our furniture. It seems like a low priority and it is easy to brush aside. However, when you take the time to take of the little blemishes, you will give your furniture a whole new look, which means your entire room will look rejuvenated. You will find everything you need to make your dinged up furniture look new again at Greenwood Hardware.

Cleaning Residue from Your Wood Furniture

If you have dark, greasy-type stains on arm rests or wax from dripping candles on your wood tables, you can safely remove the grime and make the wood gorgeous again. Use a wood amalgamator to remove those white rings left by glasses on the furniture. Use the finest grade of steel wool to gently rub off any grimy residue that has been building up for years. Make sure you go with the grain to avoid scratching the wood. For candle wax removal; wrap an ice cube in a cloth and rub it over the wax. Use a credit card or non-sharp putty knife to pry the wax up.

Fixing a Wobbling Leg

Remove the loose leg from the wobbling furniture. Use sandpaper to remove the old glue from inside the joint and the leg. If the glue is stubborn, try dropping a little vinegar on the area to help loosen it up. Apply fresh glue to the two points that are going to put together. Use a wood clamp to tightly secure the leg in position and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Refinish an Old Piece

You can breathe new life into an old end table, desk or even a dresser by adding a fresh coat of stain. Use a sander or sand the piece by hand to give it a smooth texture while removing the old stain. Apply a new coat of stain and allow it to dry overnight. The results are amazing!

New Hardware

This is a simple trick to making old dressers, cabinets and other furniture look brand new again. Add new hardware i.e. drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to an old piece. Go for an entirely new look by changing up the hardware with some bright and bold. You can also find pretty designs that will enhance the décor in a room.

These simple, quick jobs can all be done on the weekend. You will be amazed at the transformation to your room by doing these little things. Head into Greenwood Hardware and check out the different shades of stain that you can put on your old furniture to give it new life. Come on in, or contact us today.


Greenwood Hardware Employee Spotlight – Willow Yoder

We simply cannot say enough about our amazing staff members here at Greenwood Hardware. They are truly family and make our store that much better with their helpful presence!

We’ll periodically add new staff members to our blog, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

Willow Yoder

Employee Spotlight - Willow Yoder - Greenwood Hardware

Willow has been with us for over 11 years.  She does not live in Seattle but sure knows how to cater to the community and keep Greenwood Hardware relevant and involved in the “hood.  You will likely find her in the office sending orders, paying bills and making the store run smoothly.  Willow lives in Lynnwood, but loves shopping locally AND EATING here on the Ridge with her husband James and daughter Jillian, who is a member of the North Queens Drill Team.

Being very passionate about greyhounds… you may have seen her at the Greenwood Car Show working with Royal Hounds Greyhound Adoption to find homes for retired racing greyhounds. She owns two greyhounds of her own and actively fosters others to get them placed in good homes.

She is also a volunteer with Lake City Western Vigilantes and Sidekicks.  I am sure you have seen them selling buttons at parades for donations and driving their old international harvester painted yellow and red.  They donate to youth activities across the state and have been doing so, all by volunteer since 1946.

Coming from a more corporate and office environment, she relished being able to work more with the public and the community.  The one thing she would want share with everyone is how important it is to shop local.  She says,” If everyone realized how much money stays in THEIR community when shopping local, they would spend every dollar they could at mom and pop stores!”

Stop on by soon and say hello to Willow and the rest of our staff!

Getting Ready for Garden Harvest in Seattle

Getting Ready for Garden Harvest in SeattleIf your vegetables have been enjoying our nice warm summer weather, they are probably about ready to be harvested. The weather has been nice, and that means bountiful harvests are to be expected from gardens all around the Pacific Northwest. Many gardeners find they get more veggies than they can eat before they start to spoil! This is why it is a good idea to start planning how you will preserve the bounty from your garden. At Greenwood Hardware, you will find everything you need to harvest and preserve your fruits and veggies this year.

Whether your veggies need a little more time on the vine, or they are ready to be harvested and either canned, frozen or dehydrated, you will find what you need at our store. Sometimes a last dose of pesticide is necessary to give your fruits and veggies a little time to ripen without being snacked on by irritating garden pests. Organic pesticides are a safe alternative if you would prefer to avoid harsh chemicals.

If you have a fruit tree, you will want a nice, sturdy ladder to help you reach the fruit at the top. Once you have completed your harvest for the year, it will be time to do some pruning and prepping your trees and garden beds for the fall and winter season. Tree wraps, compost material and the necessary tools will all make your fall harvest duties a breeze.

Preserving your harvest is a rewarding job. Pulling out a bag of frozen strawberries in the middle of December is exciting. You get the thrill of eating something that you grew in your own garden. Learning how to can your veggies another rewarding project. Home canning has been around for decades and is something you can learn and pass on to your children. They will be proud to grab the canned corn off the shelf, knowing they helped grow, harvest and preserve it!

You will find all the tools you need to help your garden finish off with a bang this year at Greenwood Hardware. Come on in, or contact us today.

Drought-Friendly Tips To Maintaining A Green Lawn This Summer

Drought-Friendly Tips To Maintaining A Green Lawn This SummerYou work so hard to keep your Seattle lawn pretty, lush and green only to have summer hit with a vengeance. All that effort you put into getting rid of the dandelions and clover seems to be all for naught with the heat and lack of rain. Your once-green lawn is now dry and crunchy! Don’t panic just yet. There are some things you can do to maintain your green lawn this summer. Our team at Greenwood Hardware is here to help you rescue your lawn from this very dry, hot summer.

Leave the Grass Long

You may be used to cutting the grass every few days or even once a week to a nice low level. Unfortunately, during drought conditions, that isn’t a good idea and you are going to have to get used to leaving your lawn a little longer than normal. Raise your lawnmower blade to a height of at least 3 inches. This will only take off the top bit of the blade and leave enough of the blades to create a nice shadow for the thirsty roots below. Shading the roots means there will be less sun beating down and drying up the earth.

Remove the Bag from the Lawnmower

When you do mow, take off the bag and let the grass clippings sit on the lawn. This is a natural mulch that will help keep the roots moist as well as the grass. You don’t want the sun beating down on your grass day in and day out. A little mulch will help protect it from the sun’s harsh rays, even if it doesn’t look quite as manicured as you are used to.

Don’t Panic When You See Brown!

It is inevitable you will see some brown spots in your lawn at the height of the summer. Don’t panic! The grass has gone dormant. It will spring back to life once the temperatures cool and the rain starts to fall. Water regularly and you will soon see the grass springing back to life. Avoid mowing the brown patches or allowing a great deal of foot traffic. Just let the grass enjoy its dormancy and be ready to bring it back once things return to the normal, wet conditions the Pacific Northwest is used to.

When your grass is green again, head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up some fertilizer that will help it bounce back to life. Never add fertilizer to a dormant or dry lawn! Come on in, or contact us today.

How To Prevent Leaks Around Your Seattle Home

How To Prevent Leaks Around Your Seattle HomeSummer is a great time to take care of any leaks that you may have around the house. Leaks are not only the drips that come from a faucet that doesn’t turn off all the way or has a bad washer. Leaks like small cracks in your home’s foundation, cracks around window seals and cracks around doors can all cost you money. They may seem small and inconsequential, but you are losing money out those leaks and inviting in pests. At Greenwood Hardware, you will find the materials you need to seal up any leaks around your home.

Why seal leaks?

  • Prevent cold air from seeping in during the winter, which lowers heating bills.
  • Prevent hot air from coming in during the summer, lowering cooling bills.
  • Reduce ants and spiders by eliminating their access into your home.

Where do you find these cracks and leaks?

Typically, you want to look around the outside of your home where two different materials join together. So your windows and doors are a common place. The wood frames set inside of the structure of your home are prone to these small leaks and spaces. Another place is the cracks around the foundation of your home.

Sealing the cracks is a fairly easy process. You can use caulking, which is silicone that is squeezed into the cracks. Once dry, it will adhere to the material and seal up the crack. Foam is another option for large cracks around doors and windows. Adding a layer of window stripping is easy enough. The stripping is sold in rolls; you simply peel and stick to the doors and windows.

Don’t let cracks around your home rob your bank account by running up your electric bill. It only takes a few minutes to seal the cracks. Head into Greenwood Hardware to find everything you need to seal up your home before the cold weather creeps in again. Come on in, or contact us today.