Earth Day: We Celebrate It Every Day at Greenwood Hardware!

Earth Day: We Celebrate It Every Day at Greenwood Hardware!Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, but there are things we should all be doing every single day to help lessen the negative impact on our environment. Earth Day is one way to shed some light on the situation and spur action by everybody all around the world, but there is one place right here in Seattle that is making a difference every day – our very own Greenwood Hardware. Greenwood Hardware is working with our customers to make Seattle a little green and more environmentally-friendly.

Check out some of the things that Greenwood Hardware has been able to do with the help of our community:

  • We have produced over 15 megawatt-hours of solar electricity
  • We have recycled more than 35,000 fluorescent bulbs and tubes
  • Since the remodel, we use a third of the gas as we did in the past
  • We have recycled 310 pounds of alkaline batteries since we started the program in January
  • We have recycled more than 600 pounds of rechargeable batteries
  • Every month we hold a Fix-It Collective meeting to help folks fix items that would normally be discarded and sent to the landfill
  • We are a member of Seattle City Light’s Green Up! program to offset the remainder of our electrical usage

All of these things are possible because of community members who have the same idea to recycle, renew and reuse items in their house. Proper disposal of batteries is important and can make our little corner of the world a safer, better place. Head into Greenwood Hardware to see all of our earth-friendly products that will continue the momentum that last month’s Earth Day celebration highlighted. Come on in, or contact us today.

How to Build a Strawberry Tower for Your Garden

How to Build a Strawberry Tower for Your GardenStrawberries are delicious, and because they are so easy to grow they are a favorite for gardeners. Unfortunately, strawberries are a little too easy to grow and can quickly take over your entire garden space. If you are working with limited space, but you still want to enjoy fresh strawberries plucked from your own garden, you need to know how to build a strawberry tower. The towers are fairly simple to make, and you will find all the supplies you need for your tower at Greenwood Hardware.

There are many variations to the strawberry tower. You can use old 5-gallon buckets stacked with small 2-inch holes cut out along the sides every few inches or use nursery planters, like the kind large shrubs or trees come in.

Another easy option that can hold up to 50 strawberry plants is outlined below.

  1. Buy a 4-foot length of PVC pipe with about a 4-inch diameter. You can go bigger in diameter and longer in length if you choose.
  2. Use a hole-cutting bit on a drill and make small 1-inch circles every 3 to 4 inches up the length of the pipe. You can space the holes farther apart if you choose. It doesn’t have to be completely uniform and can be a bit random.
  3. Cap the bottom of the pipe with a pipe cap.
  4. Fill your PVC pipe with potting soil.
  5. Plant a single plant in each hole. Strawberries are shallow-rooted and can share the soil with nearby strawberry plants.

Your berry plants will begin to shoot out lots of green leaves and ultimately strawberries. The PVC pipe will be nearly invisible as the plants grow and thrive. Head into Greenwood Hardware today to pick up everything you need to make your strawberry tower. Come on in, or contact us today.

Don’t Have Much Room In Your Seattle Yard? Build A Vertical Garden!

Don’t Have Much Room In Your Seattle Yard? Build A Vertical Garden!Many people assume they can only have a small garden with a limited number of plants simply because they don’t have the space. It isn’t uncommon for an urban Seattle yard to leave very little room for a bountiful garden. However, you do have an option. You can get vertical! There is a new trend in gardening, even for those who are land-challenged. It is all about going up and forgetting about using up your precious land for a garden. Our team at Greenwood Hardware has everything you need to plant a lovely vegetable garden, vertically.

What is Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening is all about getting your garden off the ground and up into the available space. Think of pea plants. They are trained up a trellis or along a fence line. You can walk by the pea plants without feeling as if you have to watch where you are stepping. The peas are not on the ground being trampled, and they are not in the way of the lawnmower. The kids can still play on the grass in the backyard, and you still get your fresh peas. What if you could have more than just peas and still not take up any space in your backyard? That is what vertical gardening is all about!

Why Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening is the wave of the future for many different reasons. The following are a few benefits of vertical gardening.

  • Less weeding due to a smaller garden patch
  • Fewer problems with bugs eating fruits and vegetables when they are not on the ground
  • Fruit and vegetables don’t have a flat side or a side that is discolored due to a lack of sun exposure
  • Easier to harvest

How to Do Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening can be done in a couple of different ways. One way is to use trellises for things like cucumbers, melons and other plants that vine along the ground, taking up precious space in the garden. By training the vines to go up a trellis, you are saving a great deal of space. You will want to buy or build sturdy trellises that can handle the weight of numerous hanging melons, squash and cucumbers.

Another option is to use your fence, the side of a shed and even your home. Mounting containers to the fence or side wall is an easy way to grow a garden without taking up any space at all. You can even use an old canvas shoe hanger to grow herbs and shallow crops like lettuce and spinach.

Head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up your plant starts or seeds and the containers, potting soil and trellises you need to get started on your vertical garden. Come on in, or contact us today.

Spring Is A Great Time To Clean Out Your Gutters!

Spring Is A Great Time To Clean Out Your Gutters! Your gutters are likely in need of a thorough cleaning after our wet Seattle winter. You don’t want clogged gutters overfilling and pouring on to the foundation around your home or over your front door. Keeping the gutters cleaned out is the way to prevent this. In order to be safe when cleaning out your gutters, you will need a few pieces of equipment that you can find at Greenwood Hardware.


Don’t try standing on buckets, wooden ladders or whatever else you can find in the yard to clean out the gutters. You want to be standing on something sturdy that gives you the stability you need to thoroughly clean the gutters and do a quick inspection.


You may need to cut back some tree limbs that are threatening to dislodge your gutters or are hanging low enough that leaves and pine needles are blocking the water’s path to the downspout.

Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle

A garden hose that is in good condition and has a spray nozzle attached is a quick, effective way to clean out those gutters. Set the nozzle to the stream setting and use the jet of water to force leaves and debris out of the gutters or down the downspout.

Roof Rake

Before you go about cleaning the gutters, do yourself a favor and use a roof rake to get all the debris clinging to the shingles off the roof. You don’t want to go through the effort of cleaning the gutters only to have them filled up next week after it has been windy or raining.

Gutter Cleaning Tool

If you are not interested in using a hose, you can buy a gutter cleaning tool. This is a quick and easy way to clean out the gutters without going to a lot of work. You can skip climbing the ladder to clean your gutters.

It is important you keep your gutters cleaned out to prevent any damage to the roof of your home or the foundation. With the rainy climate in the Pacific Northwest, gutter maintenance is of the utmost importance. Keeping a close eye on the condition of your gutters can help you ward off any problems that may occur when gutters are damaged or clogged. Head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up the tools you need to clean your gutters this spring! Come on in, or contact us today.