Mason Bees Are Here at Greenwood Hardware!

Mason Bees Are Here at Greenwood Hardware!With evidence of spring popping up all around us, many of you are probably itching to get your garden started and your flowers planted. Spring is so refreshing and is a period of renewal. It is like you are getting a clean slate to start your yard anew with lots of pretty flowers and maybe a handful of veggies in the garden. At Greenwood Hardware, our team wants you to have everything you need to grow a prolific vegetable garden, as well as a gorgeous flower garden with plenty of brilliant blooms. One of the things you need are bees!

Bees make gardens boom and flowers bloom, but their stings are never appreciated. Fortunately, you can use mason bees as pollinators without worrying about the stinging. Mason bees do not sting you! Mason bees are not something many gardeners are aware of. They are excellent pollinators and extremely easy to take care of. Unlike honey bees, you don’t really have to do much to take care of them. They are fairly self-sufficient. You don’t have to wear a big, bulky suit or have large housing stations. In fact, you only need to spend a few minutes at the beginning of the season setting up small houses for your bees. They will do the rest.

Female mason bees have the same hair feature of a honey bee’s legs that attract pollen. Because more pollen is sticking to the bees’ belly, more pollen is distributed throughout the garden. Female mason bees are very gentle. They are not out picking fights with other flying insects or humans. They do not become territorial and attack anybody who gets close to their nest. Another benefit to mason bees is the relatively low cost of the bees as well as their housing. You don’t need hundreds of bees to pollinate your garden.

You will find everything you need to bring mason bees into your yard and garden this year at Greenwood Hardware. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to do something great for your garden as well! as the gardens all around you! Come on in, or contact us today.

How To Prepare Your Flower Beds for Spring in the Pacific Northwest

How To Prepare Your Flower Beds for Spring in the Pacific NorthwestWe are on the brink of spring and that means a whole new round of household chores is upon us! After riding out what felt like a very long winter, it is time to get ready to welcome spring and all the brilliant colors that accompany it. You may have already seen some signs of the coming spring with tulips popping up along with the crocus and daffodils. You will need to prepare your flower beds for the season. You can head into Greenwood Hardware to find everything you will need to make your flower garden bloom with brilliant color this year.

  • The first step is cleaning up the beds by removing any dead foliage i.e. leaves, pine needles, sticks and other things that may have been blown in.
  • Add fertilizer if you did not do it in the fall. If you put down soil additives in the fall, your soil is ready for planting. However, if you have bulbs in the ground, a fertilizer designed especially for bulbs is always helpful.
  • Use a tiller or rake to gently turn the soil. Remove any large rocks and pull out any weeds that may have sprouted.
  • If you are putting in bulbs for summer blooming, now is the time to do so.
  • You can add cold-hardy flowers and plants to your flower bed now, while you wait for your tulips and other spring flowers to blossom. There is still a chance of a late freeze that could kill some of the more sensitive flowers like petunias and pansies. Hold off on those until April or May.
  • Add fresh mulch to the bed and take care of any broken borders and edging you may have around your bed.

Your flower beds will be ready for the spring blooms you have been waiting for since last year. Head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up the tools, seeds, bulbs and mulch you need to make your flower bed a hit this spring. Come on in, or contact us today.

How To Get Your Seattle Home Ready for Spring

How To Get Your Seattle Home Ready for Spring - Greenwood HardwareSpring is just around the corner, and it is time to start dusting off your lawn equipment and cleaning up around the outside of your home. There are some tasks you will want to get done before the warm weather hits that way you are ready to enjoy those days and evenings as you have been longing for. You will find all the tools and supplies you need to take care of your home readiness routine at Greenwood Hardware.

  • Inspect all of your outdoor light fixtures and replace any broken or burnt out bulbs. Clean the glass to allow the bulb’s brightness to really shine.
  • Check out the bricks or stones of your walkway to the front door or in the backyard. Snow and rain tend to cause some damage, especially if you had to shovel snow. Replace the damaged bricks or consider redoing the whole walkway to give your landscaping a face lift.
  • Start cleaning out the flower beds and get rid of debris that may have been blown in throughout fall and winter. Get the soil ready for planting new flowers. Now is the time to get your bulbs in the ground as well.
  • Check out the area around your front door. Could your door use a fresh paint job or maybe the door jamb is looking a little rough around the edges? You will be amazed at what some new hardware and a paint job on the front door can do for the overall appearance of your house.
  • Prune the dead branches off your shrubs and trees. Be careful not to prune those that are still dormant.
  • Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor furniture. You can find paint designed for metal or wood furniture. Go bold with a fresh new vibrant color.
  • Brush off the cobwebs that are lurking in the corners and spray off any dirt and grime that may have splattered onto the outside of the home.

Your home will look refreshed, and you will be all ready for spring! Head into Greenwood Hardware to pick up your painting supplies and other items to get your home ready. Come on in, or contact us today.

Winter is a Great Time to Caulk All the Cracks Around the House

Winter is a Great Time to Caulk All the Cracks Around the HouseOn windy evenings, when you are sitting around trying to watch television or maybe read a book while relaxing on the couch, you may have heard or felt a slight breeze brushing over you. The windows and doors are closed, but you can still feel it. It gives you a bit of a chill. Why is there a cold breeze inside your house? It is likely due to small cracks around your windows, doorways and vents. The tiny cracks allow air to seep in and chill your house. During the winter months when you are trying to heat your home, this doesn’t help matters. You need to take care of the caulking around these areas. Our team at Greenwood Hardware is here to help you!

You can take care of the many cracks around your windows, vents and doors with caulking. However, if you are headed to the store to pick up caulking, you might as well get enough to take care of all of the little areas around the house that need it. Once you start looking, you will probably be surprised to discover just how valuable caulking is to your home. Caulking around your sinks, bathtubs and even areas around your foundation can help seal up an area as well as make it look a little better. There is a trick to caulking. Check out the steps below.

  1. Buy caulking that is suitable for your project. There are many different kinds available as well as different colors. For areas around your sink or tub, choose a white silicone bathroom caulk. For areas around your windows, do your best to choose a latex caulk shade that will blend in with the paint on your wall. These types of caulk are typically able to be painted over.
  2. Buy a good caulking gun. You need one that is easy to handle and will allow you to place a smooth line of caulk.
  3. Clean and wash the area. Remove any old caulking.
  4. Start at the top of an area and slowly squeeze the gun, keeping a steady line of caulk all the way to the end of the area. You want it to be smooth and all in one line if at all possible.
  5. Follow the instructions on the caulking and allow to dry accordingly.

If you are ready to take care of some of the little things around the house, head into Greenwood Hardware and pick up the supplies you need. Come on in, or contact us today.