5 Quick and Easy Porch and Patio Fixer Uppers

5 Quick and Easy Porch and Patio Fixer Uppers

Your patio or porch often becomes an additional room for the family in the warm summer months. Because you will be spending so much time out there, it is always fun to dress it up a bit and make it a little prettier for your evening outside or entertaining. If you need some ideas about how to fix up your porch or patio, head down to Greenwood Hardware. You will find some excellent ideas below.

Repaint the Furniture

You can give your patio a whole new look without spending a lot of money. A new coat of paint on your wooden or metal furniture is easy to do and it is very inexpensive. You don’t have to buy new furniture to get an entirely new look. It is important you buy the appropriate paint for outdoor furniture whether it is wood or metal. Have fun and check out some of the vibrant colors and add clashing pillows for an exciting look.

PVC Planters

Purchase PVC pipe, 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Cut the pipe in various lengths. Paint the pipe with shiny paint in your favorite color. Add a layer of gravel on the bottom to aid in draining and then top with dirt. Plant your favorite flowers, like petunias, geraniums or pansies.

Concrete Patio Paint

If you have a concrete slab patio, you can make it look new again by adding a coat of paint that is designed to withstand the water. There are several colors to choose from, like dark green, honey or a warm brown. Adding planters filled with colorful planters in complimentary shades will breathe new life into your boring patio.

Trellis Entry Ways

If you have shrubs, rose bushes or even a small fence around your patio or porch, you can add a veil of privacy by building a trellis that opens into your yard. Plant a vining flower like a climbing rose at the base of the trellis to add color. Paint the trellis a color you love. You don’t have to have the traditional white or brown.


Adding some fun Chinese lanterns, twinkle lights or other outdoor lights to replace the standard porch light above the door is an excellent way to give the space a facelift. Have fun and add lots of color. LEDs are very inexpensive to use and add a great deal of light to the area.

These are just some of the things you can do to transform your old patio or porch into something new and exciting. You can find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware. And if you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

Weeds Out of Control? Vanquish Them Organically!

Weeds Out of Control? Vanquish Them Organically! Greenwood Hardware

Weeds are every gardener’s biggest nightmare. It seems like no matter how hard you try, you can never get rid of the weeds that threaten to overtake your garden, your flower beds and your yard. While the quick and easy solution is to pour some harsh, poisonous chemical on the pesky weeds and move on with your day, easy is not always better. In fact, the easy way may make you very sick as well as your children and your pets. If you want to get rid of weeds without risking the health of your family, you need to consider organic weed control. At Greenwood Hardware, we understand the desire to eat food that isn’t laced with poisonous chemicals. Check out some of these tricks to keeping the weeds out of your garden, without risking chemical exposure.

Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar

Yep, you read that right. Dawn dish soap mixed with vinegar in a sprayer can help you cut down your weeds. The properties in the soap suffocate the weeds without using any harsh chemicals. Mix 1 tablespoon of soap into a gallon of vinegar and spray on those pesky weeds. You should start to see the weeds dying back within a day or so. This method works best on young weeds. Large, tall weeds may not be quite as susceptible to this method and hand pulling is about your only option. You can skip the Dawn and add a tablespoon of lemon juice to create an acidic solution that will burn the weeds and effectively kill them.

Organic Herbicides

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there who recognize the desire to kill weeds without harming our families. You will find a variety of products that are safe to use here at your local hardware store. Each of the herbicides is designed to work in the same way. Actually, the vinegar method is the same, too. The solution destroys the waxy cuticle that protects the weeds’ roots. It is important you don’t get these organic herbicides on the plants, trees and flowers you are trying to grow. Use a small spray bottle for the best control over the spray. Do not spray on windy days.

Hoeing and Tilling

Of course, there is the old-fashioned way of using a hoe or a mini-tiller between rows of plants to get up all those pesky weeds. This is labor intensive, but it is one of the surest ways of getting rid of the weeds and their roots that threaten your plants. Invest in one of the rolling tillers that can be run along plants with ease. You won’t have to bend over or do anything more vigorous than push the tiller through the rows.

Hand Pulling

While this method is very labor intensive, it is effective and sometimes the only option when dealing with the weeds that pop up right next to your plants. Hoeing, tiling or herbicides are not an option because the plant is too close.

Weeding is one of those things that every gardener has come to accept. Staying on top of the weeds and doing a little everyday can help keep the small weeds from growing into large weeds that threaten to overtake an entire space. Head down to Greenwood Hardware and check out the variety of organic weed control options. You are sure to find one or several that will help keep your garden beautiful and weed-free. And if you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

Greenwood Hardware is All About the Dogs

Greenwood Hardware is All About the Dogs

Clichés aside, your dog is likely your best friend. Many people refer to their dogs as their kids. You wouldn’t use products that are dangerous for your children and you certainly wouldn’t want to use products that are dangerous to your four-legged furry children either. Along that same reasoning, would you leave your kids at home unattended when you ran to the hardware store? Of course not! And because Greenwood Hardware is dog-friendly, you don’t have to leave your dog at home either. Our staff at your local hardware store doesn’t mind if you bring your well-behaved, leashed dog into the store to pick up the supplies you need for your latest home and garden project.

While you are in our store, check out some of the fabulous dog-friendly products we have in stock. There are plenty of organic ways you can take care of your lawn that won’t burn your dog’s feet and make him sick if he happens to munch on some grass. While you really don’t want your dog eating compost or even organic products, it gives dog owners peace of mind to know the lawn products they’re using are much safer for their dogs and the humans that may come in contact with the stuff. Always read the ingredients of any organic compost, mulch or other lawn care product to make sure it is safe.

If you need to control pests in the garden, but don’t want to risk your health by spraying pesticides or the health of your pet, try the following recipe.

Natural Pest Control

  • 5 ounces of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of mineral oil
  • 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion
  • 1 pint of water

Chop the garlic up and put it in the mineral oil. Let it soak overnight or for 24 hours. Strain the garlic and add the fish emulsion and water. Place your homemade pesticide in a spray bottle. Spray your plants and veggies as needed.

What About the Brown Spots in the Lawn?

If your pet is leaving brown spots on your lawn from all the urinating, don’t add a chemical fertilizer! Dog urine is already high in nitrogen and adding a fertilizer with more nitrogen will burn the grass. Your best option is to thoroughly water the area immediately after the dog does his business. You can also feed your dog a little yogurt once a week to help cut down the acidity of the urine. There are some dog treats on the market that are designed to reduce the nitrogen in dog urine, which can also help.

You can have a beautiful yard that is safe for you and your pets by being a little more conscientious about how you take care of it. Bring your dog in with you the next time you visit Greenwood Hardware to pick up your home and garden supplies. And, we have treats!

Want to know more about the dogs and their people who love their local neighborhood hardware store? Visit our board, The Dogs of Greenwood Hardware, on Pinterest!

5 Easy Garden Projects For Your Kids

5 Easy Garden Projects For Your Kids

Your kids likely love playing in the dirt! It is a part of childhood that we all remember fondly. Maybe your kids like to help you in the garden by picking fruit and vegetable crops or pulling a few weeds now and again. It is a great learning experience for the kids and a great way to spend time with the kids doing something that has nothing to do with a television set or video games. There are plenty of garden projects you can do with your kids to extend their outdoor play. You can find everything you need at Greenwood Hardware to help your kids learn more about gardening while spending quality time with you.

Early gardening

You can get a jump start on the gardening season by planting a few bulbs indoors that your kids will love to see grow and bloom before spring rolls in. Buy a few bulbs; tulips, daffodils and lilies are pretty and bright and will help push away the rainy day doldrums. You will need a few small pots and potting soil to create your small, indoor bulb garden.

Stone Plant Markers

Have the kids collect medium-sized rocks to paint with identifying plant names. You will need some outdoor paint and a brush. Have the kids paint the names of various plants in your garden on each of the stones. If they would like, they can use outdoor adhesive to add embellishments to the rocks. Place the rocks in front of each row to help them identify what is growing.

Stepping Stones

Your kids will love adding their personal touch to the garden with stepping stones. You can buy kits that have everything you need to make a personalized stone. Add colorful rocks to spruce up the stone. Kids can imprint their hands or feet in the stone to create a really special memory. Make several stones or just a single one to add a little something extra to the garden.


Building a birdhouse is a tradition that many of us remember doing with our parents and grandparents. It is a great way to teach kids about basic tools, like a hammer and nails, while doing something good for nature. You can buy kits or download instructions and purchase the wood needed at your local hardware store.

Make a Scarecrow

This is a fun way to do something that will protect your garden and entertain your kids. Use two pieces of wood can be scrap or head to the hardware store to buy some. Create a T with the wood and dress the scarecrow up!

These are just a few ways you can get your kids in the garden. While working alongside your kids in the garden, you have an excellent opportunity to teach them the value of gardening. Head to Greenwood Hardware to pick up the materials you need for your projects. And if you have questions, we are here for you. Come on in, or contact us online.

Take some time to look around at some other great ideas for getting the kids in the garden!

DIY Ideas Around The House For Your Summer Weekends

DIY Ideas Around The House For Your Summer Weekends - Greenwood Hardware

If you’re anything like us, weekends in the summer seem like they are either devoted to fixing up the house or inviting people over to check out the projects you have done. Whether it is the new deck you just installed or your new outdoor sitting space, you are always looking at ways to improve your house. It is likely one of your biggest investments and it is only natural you would want it to reflect you and your personality as well as look fantastic.

There are plenty of little things you can do around your house. You don’t always have to go big. It could be adding a little touch here and there to accent your kitchen or to make your life a little easier. If you need any ideas about what your next project will be, head to Greenwood Hardware and check out some of the DIY ideas or read below.

  1. Candlestick holders made from hex bushings are simple and look great on an outdoor patio. Wrap tinfoil around the base for a little sparkle and use taper candles for a romantic, yet industrial look.
  2. Washer necklaces are fun for the kids to make. Use colorful rope or string, which can be found at your hardware store, and add shiny washers. Tie knots in between the washers to keep them spaced apart. Add as much or as little bling as you wish.
  3. Collage boards made from chicken mesh wire is a great way to display memories. Use clothespins to hang pictures, ticket stubs, notes and other items on the wire stretched across a wall.
  4. Cardboard tube shelves are a unique way to store items in a hallway, bathroom or even a bedroom. Buy tubes in varying sizes and mount to the wall to create a shelving unit that looks very retro. Splash some paint on the tubes to add a little more flair.
  5. An umbrella holder made out of 6 inch wide plumbing pipe is perfect for the Pacific Northwest! Add paint, glue material and other embellishments to the outside of the pipe to make it match your hall décor.
  6. PVC pipe planters are a great space saver for the front entryway or deck. Drill small holes in a length of 6 inch pipe, fill with potting soil and plant flowers or strawberries in the hole. As the flowers bloom, the pipe will be hidden and you will have a gorgeous statement piece on your front step.
  7. Use paint sticks or wood shims to create letters to hang on your kids’ doors or on the walls in your room.
  8. Washer coasters are perfect for your outdoor patio. Glue washers of varying sizes onto freezer paper in a circle shape. Spray paint the washers with a metallic paint in your choice of color for a more dramatic effect.
  9. Old coffee cans or food cans wrapped with rope from our hardware store make great pen holders, makeup brush holders in the bathroom or whatever else you need to keep tidy.
  10. Plumbing pipe used as towel bars in a bathroom adds a bit of a rustic look and is super easy to do. Spray paint the pipe black for a more dramatic, aged look.

These are just a handful of ideas. Head to Greenwood Hardware and spend some time browsing our aisles to see what ideas pop into your head. Come on in, or contact us today. Let your imagination run free and you will be amazed at the things you can come up with!